16 Apr 2019

Common Sprinkler Head Problems and Solutions to them

Nowadays, sprinklers are designed are robust and easy to repair. It is essential that you keep your sprinkler system intact and free of dirt and debris. The in-ground sprinklers are all the easier to maintain and fix. There are a few common sprinkler problems that you might face, which could be fixed with minimum efforts.

  1. Clogged sprinkler head

This is one of the most common issue that you might have to face. It is seen more in underground sprinkler system. Rain and hail storms can cause the mud and dirt to get trapped into the sprinkler head. Sometimes, even the cuttings from your lawn mower can go and get stuck the sprinkler system.

Clogged heads cause the spray to be uneven, interrupted and in some cases even non-existent. Sometimes, the sprinkler would just leak water which surrounds the head. It is very easy to detect and fix it.

Depending on the blockage, there are different ways to clean the sprinkler head. If the blockage is less, you could simply use a paperclip and open it to form a wire, and use it to unblock the holes in the sprinkler head. Otherwise, you would have to thoroughly clean it, by dismantling all its parts, cleaning them separately (soak in soap solution and then brush and rinse them) and reattach all the components correctly.

To avoid such problems, you must try to regularly clean your sprinkler heads, which would ensure greater efficiency.


  1. Broken heads

It is seen that people have to replace the broken head of their sprinkler frequently. Sprinkler heads are designed to pop up from the ground when turned on and to retract when the system is turned off. Often, they are obstructed by mower blades or edging tools while landscaping. Luckily, it is extremely simple to replace the broken head. Simply unscrew the head, using a hex key or a screwdriver, remove it and screw in the replacement. Keep the old head in store for future reference.


  1. Sprinklers are too high

When the sprinkler head is too high above the ground, it leaves it in a vulnerable position. This is the most common reason for broken heads. You can fix this by lowering the heads, deeper into the soil. Cut about a foot square around the head with a shovel and remove the top layer of the soil carefully. Dig around the head. Gently push the head into the ground. Pack mud on all sides of it, without applying excessive pressure. Neatly replace the top soil and you are good to go.

Be careful while lowering the head. Do not push it below the ground level, as it would cause clogged heads.

  1. Stuck valves

When the sprinklers continue to work even after switching off the system, it makes a case for stuck valves. Home sprinklers have two valves, one at each end. Most commonly, debris hinders the valve from closing and stopping the water flow. You must check both the valves for blockage. Unscrew the solenoid and remove the blockage and fix it back.

In case the above tips do not help you fix the problems, must seek advice from professionals, who are trained to solve such matters.

16 Apr 2019

Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Lighting Professional

A landscape lighting professional is a person who specializes in outdoor lighting. After having spent all that money in buying and designing your home, it is only natural that you would want it to look nice at night as well. For the best possible outcomes, you must hire a professional or a company that is an expert in this line of work.

Outdoor lighting professionals have an important role to play in both small and big projects. They help you bring your ideas to life and advice you whenever necessary. They have years of experience in this area of expertise and hiring them would prove to be a wise and sensible decision. Here are a few benefits of hiring a landscape lighting professional for you project.


  1. Judicious use of money

It may sound unusual that hiring a professional would save you money. But as an amateur, you might find it difficult to pick the right kind of products. Online and big-box retail store retail have a lot of products which might or might not be of high quality. You might end up replacing these items more than often, which costs even more. A professional would be able to select the right kind of product for your project.

An expert can help you avoid such mistakes, saving money in the long run. Also, a professionally lit home boosts curb appearance and adds the value to your asset.


  1. Professional assessment

A team of outdoor lighting designers would give you a professional assessment based on your desires, want and utility. They have all the necessary technical know-how, which makes their opinion valuable. They would do all the planning keeping in mind your wishes and come up with an idea that suits you best. They will also be responsible to get the fixtures installed at your home. Hiring a professional makes life easier.


  1. Liaison

A lighting professional would work on your project from the beginning, coordinating with your architect, builder or contractor. Working with them you help you avoid the common mistakes that might impact the overall lighting.

Experienced designers would know nitty-gritty details of the project that may get overlooked otherwise. They would know what to install at the various stages of construction. This will also help you save money and headache later.


  1. Availability of resources

Being in the market, a professional lighting designer would have access to various different kinds of products that you might not be able find in your local markets. He would also have the knowledge of the latest trends. He could get you high quality products such as architectural specifier-grade fixtures, bulbs and components, which are not accessible to the general public. Use of such products would not only make your home unique but would also reflect class.


  1. Wow factor

Often you dream of your house being extraordinary. It is mostly seen that when people, with no prior experience in outdoor lighting, take up the responsibility of lighting their house, are not really satisfied with the outcome. A professional would know how to give your home the wow factor you wish for. They are often able to see the big picture while the clients are unable to do so.


  1. Knowledge and experience

Landscape lighting designers are professionals with ample knowledge and experience. They understand the art and science of light, techniques that would work the best in the given situations. They not only solve all your lighting needs but would also add functionality, grace and uniqueness to your home.


A professional landscape lighting design adds aesthetics to your home and therefore increases its value. Hiring a professional for this job ensures the success of the project, with less time and energy wasted.


15 Apr 2019

Tips to Hire the Perfect Landscape Lighting Designer

Everyone wishes to live their house of dreams, but not many of them are able to fulfil it. You can do so by hiring the right professional lighting designer for your project. A landscape lighting professional is someone who specializes in the art of outdoor lighting. He makes sure that your house looks unique and the most stylish in your neighborhood. Here are few tips to find the right designer for you.

  1. Customer feedback

This is the most reliable source of information. A good landscape designer would have a large customer base, who would vouch for him. You must also ask for suggestions and opinions from your friends, family and colleagues. They can share their experience with you, based on which you can make a choice. You could even ask for the contact details of their previous clients and get information about the designer.

You might also want to make an online search about the best outdoor lighting designer in your area.


  1. Qualifications and experience

It is mandatory that you get answers to a few questions before you hire a company or contractor. You must ask for their qualifications and certifications. They must be affiliated to some association or organization. Ask about the previous projects they have handled and the difficulties they had to overcome to deliver it. This is would tell you about the scale of work they have done.


  1. Obtain quotes

Before finalizing your outdoor illumination designer, you must at least visit two to three designers and obtain quotes from them. Discuss your idea of the project and ask them for suggestions and alternatives. Negotiate with them and try to strike a suitable deal.


  1. Understand if the lighting is their only expertise

It is necessary to have knowledge about the various other aspects to construction, but you don’t want a jack of all trades. You must make sure that the team that you hire must specialize only in outdoor lighting. You want an expert who does this every single day. This would ensure you that he is not only up to date with latest trends but is also rich in experience in this line of work. This would also mean that he has enough experience in dealing with the problems that might arise during the project.


  1. Team work

It is essential that you form a solid team with your landscape designer. For you to communicate your desires to them, a strong bond must be formed. You must be able to feel comfortable talking to them. The professional that you hire should value your ideas and try to include as much as he can into the plan. Also, his sense of style must match with your taste.


In addition to the above points, a good landscape designer would give you product warranty and service guarantees. If not, you must ask them for it. An outdoor illumination designer would help and accomplish your life long dream of having that oh- so- amazing home.

25 Mar 2019

Smart Irrigation Tips for Gardeners and Growers

The first thing you want to do is when it gets warm is to flock outside and spend some time with family on lush green grasses. However, with the changing climate, it is wise to save some. Water is essential for every aspect of life. Gardening needs a lot of water, so if you are a gardener then this post is definitely for you. This post will teach you how to maintain your lush green grasses, flowers, vegetables etc. Those areas that are drought-prone are in constant need of water. It is important to recharge your surface as well as groundwater. Most people use irrigation controllers to set the time and frequency of their sprinklers and drips as It saves a lot of time and money, and plants. Follow these simple recommendations for conserving water and irrigation adjustments in your home landscape.


Before you start eyeing those lemon trees and succulent fruits at the garden store, you should check your hardiness zone. This check will help you understand the kind of plants that can survive in your garden. It takes an account of the temperature and weather. Before heading to the store, you must determine the kinds of plants to buy, especially if you are buying it from an online store.


Be efficient with water, In today’s time when water is one of the scarce resources, it is important to look for techniques that help you save more water. Micro-irrigation and drip sprinklers are some of the most used techniques to save water. They help you water deep and ensure that your garden receives an inch of water.


Your irrigation system must be equipped with timers to help you tackle perpetual water problems. Try to invest in an electronic (AC) or battery (DC) timer that is fitted with a rain sensor port. Such a timer will help you suspend the timer programme during rains. Timers help you adjust frequency and time to save water. It is wise to check the timer once in a while and experiment with less frequent water. Watering should be done late or early to avoid water loss due to evaporation.


It is essential to upgrade your old-school sprinklers to smart sprinklers, in order to do so you should inspect your garden on a regular basis. Look for checks, breaks or leaks to stay efficient. Keep tabs on the water bill and do a visual check on a regular basis to make sure that you’re not the victim of water pouring irrigation fail.


The water scarcity problem exists almost everywhere, a lot of communities outside are trying to bring smart technology to save every drop of water. Alexa by Amazon gives great tips on saving water and effectual gardening. It helps in giving you detailed weather information and reminding you when to water your plants. Further several communities around you offer rebates to remove lawn and to purchase smart controllers. Therefore tap into these communities to gather as much information as you can to get most of every drop of water.

The smart sprinklers of modern times are not just very easy to use but are resourceful too. They take care of the temperature, soil, and type of plants in your garden. Smart watering helps your garden grow like you never imagine. Try these water saving tips and make every drop count.

22 Mar 2019

Irrigation Tips to Beat Back Draught Season

Water is vital to keep your plants and lawn healthy. To ensure that you have an ample amount of water even during drought season, it is important to set up a proper working irrigation system. You must water all your plants and lawn properly at night or early in the morning to help the water to stay and not evaporate easily. This will recharge the groundwater to let the grassroots grow deep enough. However, if you water it too much then may create conditions of disease. You must strike a balance between light and heavy watering. Setting up gardens when hot weather strikes are troublesome but with proper irrigation system, your garden can perish. Here are some tips that will help you establish a professional irrigation system in your garden.


You need to first survey your garden area, look what your garden is asking of you. Try to irrigate those trees and plants that are already established. Most roots go deep, you just need to provide them enough moisture to sustain. Identify the root zones and water them. This can be done with the help of a root irrigator. It is a hose-end needle-like shaft that injects water right to the root zone so that water cannot evaporate easily. Once you water one spot along the dripline, move to another spot till you complete a round-trip.


Do avoid watering plants if the soil is still wet. Get a trowel or a shovel to see whether the soil is wet enough or not. Don’t guess, try to match water with your soil type. If the soil type is clay then you need to water frequently but if it consists small amount of sand then you have to water it more frequently than usual.


Weather fluctuates often, it is sunny one moment and cloudy the other moment. So to avoid such extreme and hard weather conditions, make sure to check your irrigation controllers every once in a month. Choose a timer that measures water flow in hundreds of gallons. The size of your lawn determines the gallons of water you need. Sometimes you may notice puddle occurring whenever you water, try watering in shorter cycles then.


The right device will help you establish the kind of lawn you want, you must install sensors that take care of the weather and rains. Try to install a rain shutoff device to avoid unnecessary expenditures. You can also use a soil moisture sensor or humidity sensor to check the level of moisture present in the soil. This will enable you to water plants correctly.


There are tonnes of ways to water your garden. With advanced technologies, you can now choose smart watering solutions that work best for you. There are pulsating sprinklers, hose-end sprinklers, in-ground sprinklers etc. all these sprinklers come with timers that enable you to schedule watering using your smartphone. It uses real-time weather data to automate watering so you don’t have to think about it. Make sure these sprinklers operate based on your home’s water pressure.

These irrigation tips will help you fight against extreme or an emergency drought event. Restrict yourself from using too much water and make use of every drop of water that you get. Install a drip irrigation system to let your plants thrive in a drought situation.

16 Mar 2019

Steps to Properly Clean a Clogged Sprinkler Nozzle

If you want to keep your sprinklers just as they came new then you must prevent them from clogging. Clean sprinklers prevent clogging problems that can affect your lawn in many ways. You must clean your sprinklers once in a while to tackle problems before they arise. A lot of dirt can build-up over time, but consult an irrigation company or do the cleaning yourself. Here are steps to help you clean your sprinkler heads easily.


The sprinkler head comes built in with a sleeve. When you are not using the sprinkler, it remains inside the sleeve but when you want to spray it gets out of the sleeve. So the first step is to bring the head out of the sleeve in the position it would be if it were running.


Remove the sprinklers head by unscrewing it from the sleeves. In case you have trouble removing it then switch on the sprinkler so that the head pops up on its own. If the water pressure is too much then it can help you to remove the head easily but it will also make the situation messy for you.


Now once the sprinkler head is unscrewed, put them in lukewarm water. Let the head soak for a while. This will let loose the debris that has been stuck for a while in the sprinkler holes.


Meanwhile, as the heads soak, you pick up the sleeve and clean all the dirt as well as debris you find in the sleeve or around it.


Now pick up the soaked heads and take a wire to scrape any unwanted residue present in it. Even though a lot of debris will get clean when you soaked it in water but to scrape debris fully, use a wire and clean every dirt and debris from the sprinkler holes.


Now that you have cleaned the sleeve as well as the head, put them back together. Always remember that your head shouldn’t pop up like before. It should fit at ground level, lowered as usual.


Once you have put everything back as it is, now turn on the water to test the sprinklers. Check if there is any break or leak. Test each head to make sure it’s spraying cleanly and evenly without problems.


This step is to be followed only if there is any problem. If you find any leak or if the sprinkler is not functioning as it should then remove the head again to double-check. If you don’t screw it properly then it won’t pop and drop like it normally does. See if there is any trace of debris that is clogging proper functioning of the sprinkler. Repeat the above steps if you find debris or dirt. If the problem still persists then you might have to get your sprinkler replaced. However, if the problem continues even after replacing the head then you should check your electrical wiring and water connection. It is advisable to consult a leading irrigation company to clean your clogged sprinkler nozzle. Also, If at any time you feel uncomfortable pulling apart your sprinkler system, be sure to call in expert sprinkler repair to get the job done right.

Save your lawn from getting ruined by taking actions on time, as they say, stitch in time saves nine. So stay alert and understand the need of the situation.

20 Feb 2019

Practical Landscaping Tips That Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Listed below are some of the practical and essential landscaping tips you would have to keep in mind when you are planning to increase the resale value of your house.


Add Additional Artificial Water Sources

A major way in which you can increase the value of your home is by adding additional artificial water sources on to your residential premises. This landscaping project would be inclusive of adding elements such as that backyard oasis, hot tubs, pools, and the like. Keep in mind that even though these structures are usually categorized as those which need extremely high maintenance, however, if you have the need to attract a certain niche of customers for the resale of your house, you can very well as these landscaping projects in order to increase the value of your home. While it is true that these elements are extremely high maintenance, another fact that is true is that your house would exponentially increase in its market value once you have invested in these landscaping projects. Make a note that this investment, though quite exorbitant in the first glance, in itself will be a profitable venture on your side as it will pay multifold once you resale the house at a much higher price.


Add More Lighting

Just like the interiors of your house, the exterior portion of your residential premises can be completely transformed by adding the right lighting. You can either use it to illuminate the exterior of your house such as the garden during night time or use it in a manner that will add a softer ambiance to the surroundings during the evening right after sunset. Keep in mind that this lighting needs to be planned out properly so that it can be executed in a manner that will translate your vision into reality. Not to mention that the right kind of writing will increase the attractiveness and appeal of your house, making the potential buyers more interested in it. You can discuss the planning of these lighting techniques with your professional landscaping expert so that they can give you their advice which will help you in adhering to the rules and regulations as well as realizing your vision for the landscaping project simultaneously.


Harmonize With The House

Another parameter that you would have to take into consideration is that you will have to plan the exterior landscaping project in a manner that would be congruous to the interiors of the house as well as the overall look of the house itself. If your house is constructed in a modern architectural design, it would be better to add in landscaping projects that reflect this type of style instead of incorporating traditional elements of architecture in it. Keep in mind that you would not have to strictly make everything look the same, however, the idea of harmony would be ideal to maintain the aesthetic of the house. For instance, the modern architectural design would be able to accommodate contemporary designs as well, if you do not want a design that is extremely similar to your house. Additionally, take care that the design that you are choosing for your landscaping project does not obstruct the view to your house, rather, construct it in such a way that it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house.


If you are in need of professional assistance for your landscaping project, you can elicit the services of Pro Green Irrigation in the Toronto area.


20 Feb 2019

Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Garden

In the winter time, you have to take care of your garden and your lawns keeping in mind an approach that is a little bit different. This is because, during this time, you are frequently faced with inclement weather conditions and an extreme difference in temperature when compared to summertime and spring, thereby making it crucial for you to provide customized methods of gardening for your plants.

Enumerated below are some of the essential maintenance tips you would be requiring for your garden during the winter time.

Clean Up The Garden

Just after the advent of autumn, you will inevitably have leaves strewn around in the garden, as well as notice the presence of several dead plants. Not only do these act as an eyesore for your garden, but also they are the storehouses of funguses, pests, and certain diseases that could prove to be extremely detrimental to the live plants and vegetation in the surroundings. If at all these that plants have pests in them, it is likely that they will start breeding and spreading around like wildfire before you can even do anything about it. Therefore, you must take a proactive approach to eliminate them before they can prove to be harmful. For this purpose, it is necessary that you remove all the dead plants and bury them in garden trenches. However, it is only recommended that you do so if you are certain that the plants are free from any kinds of diseases. By burying the plants, you would be able to procure organic matter which will help you improve the quality of the soil, augmenting its health and tilth.

Remove Weeds

During winter, you might note that there is a plethora of invasive weed growth in the gardens which might act as an impediment for the healthy growth of the next season’s plants if they are not dealt with properly. To remove these invasive weeds from your garden, you can dig them up and dispose off of them. Keep in mind to not move them to another part of the garden as they might still be harmful when put in a weed pile or a compost heap. Additionally, make sure that you have cleared out your garden of all the weed that you can so that you can plant and take care of the next season’s plants with ease and without any obstruction from these nefarious weeds.

Soil Preparation

Autumn is perhaps the best time of the year to get the soil of your garden prepared for the next season’s planting round. Many professionals advise on adding soil amendments like kelp, compost, bone meal, phosphate, manure, and rock during this period of time. Adding these elements to the soil makes it rich in nutrients, helping it to become biologically active and enriching the quality of the soil. In this way, you will be preparing your soil for the spring.


If you are in need of a lawn irrigation and irrigation system expert in the Toronto area, you can render the assistance of Pro Green Irrigation to cater to all your needs.


20 Feb 2019

Practical Ways To Get Rid Of Moles From Your Lawn

Listed below are some of the steps you can take to eliminate the existence of moles on your lawn.


Seek Out Their Active Tunnel

The very first step that you would have to initiate on your part is to find out the tunnel that the moles use. Locating this molehill is imperative on your road to cutting off the source of the problem. Once you do so, you must cover the molehill with mud or other such components in order to use it as a sealant and leave it for about a day or two. After that period of time, if you see that the molehill has been uncovered from the sealant, you can be assured of the fact that there are moles existing on your lawn and you can determine methods of getting rid of them following this discovery. Locating this tunnel which the moles use to get access to the lawn as well as to the other surrounding areas on your residential premises is crucial so that you know the exact place you have to target the extermination at.


Spray Gas In The Tunnel

Even though gas sprays prerequisite a certain level of expertise, you could use this gas in order to suffocate the moles living inside the tunnel that you have located on your lawn. Keep in mind that it is always better if you hire the services of a professional exterminator instead of doing this on your own; however, it must be mentioned that it is not impossible to handle this step on your own. You can use a gas spray or even a smoke bomb and place it at the opening of the tunnel. This will lead to them getting suffocated inside the tunnel due to the gas or the smoke. Nevertheless, be certain that you are not using any component that turns poisonous upon coming in contact with water as it will gravely affect any foliage surrounding the tunnel that you are targeting. Furthermore, take extra care and attention to make sure that there is no adverse exposure to the gas, especially if you have pets or children at home, as this could render them sick very easily.


Call Pest Control Experts For Help

Even though there is a spectrum of home remedies and other steps that you can take on your own, chances are that they will not work as well as the professional services that are offered by pest control experts. These professionals have the training and the competence to handle issues like this on the daily, and thus have more experienced in this field and they would know how to diagnose a problem and come up with a solution in the shortest amount of time possible, thereby economizing your time as well as your money. In this manner, you would also get rid of the problem sooner, not letting it become an impediment to your life for long.


If you are in need of professional lawn irrigation experts in the Toronto area, you can solicit the services of Pro Green Irrigation.


18 Jan 2019

4 Amazing Tips to Hire the Best Landscape Lighting Designer in Your City

Outdoor lighting is the trend of today. Not only does it adds an element of uniqueness and beauty to your property, but also improves its safety and security. If installed properly, landscape lights can highlight the architectural features of your home and create an all-together distinct identity of your premises from the rest of your neighborhood.

Landscape lighting is an art. Underlit trees and few accent lights aiming at the facade of your home- creating a perfect lighting scheme is all that is required. You have to place every single light in a strategic way that enhances the aesthetics of your house and at the same time doesn’t burn on energy and your pocket.

However, all this demands specialized skills which can be found in professional landscape lighting designers. The knowledge they possess and the craftsmanship that they can provide would be something you would never be able to achieve on your own. Here is how you can hire one for your next lighting project-

Ask for recommendations

Skilled landscape designers are able to create a satisfied and loyal customer base with the quality of work they provide. These happy clients keep recommending them further to new clients unintentionally, expanding their growth and building up a solid reputation for them. So, when you plan to give a beautiful makeover to your property, speak to your friends, family, or colleagues and ask if they have dealt with such a designer before. If yes, then listen to their experience and decide if the prospective designer would be suitable for your project or not. You can also search online for the designers in your city and go through their websites, reviews and ratings.

Check experience and reputation

After listing down all the landscape lighting designers in your area, give them a quick call to gather more information about them. You should ask for how long they have been carrying out their business operations in a similar line. A well-established designer is more likely to be acquainted with the nuances of landscape lighting than an amateur who has just entered the industry. A designer who has been serving the market from long becomes a pro in understanding the customers and gains an edge of higher experience in comparison to its counterparts.

Look out for a work portfolio

While searching out for designers, don’t fall prey to their exaggerated plans to turn your house into a dream place. There might be a possibility that the images shown on their website is not of their own projects, but was put up only to entice people. Another situation can be unfeasible lighting plans laid down by the designer. One has to agree on the brutal reality that a lot of many times the ideas that look great on paper fail to look the same after they are executed in actuality. So, to keep all these issues at bay, it is crucial to ask the designer to present authentic images of lighting jobs that have been undertaken in the past. You can also ask for referrals and contact previous clients to have a clear picture in mind.


Take cost estimations

It is important to take detailed cost estimation from your designer for your project. Ask what all will be done, when will it be completed, what kind of materials will be used and what will be the procedure of payments. Compare the estimations received from one designer to another to land up with the best option. Ask all possible queries arising in your head to avoid any sort of ambiguity later.