02 Mar 2020

How to Know Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair?

If you have a beautiful garden, you must know that you can’t rely on Mother Nature to take care of your plants. You need a properly functioning irrigation system to keep your flower beds and shrubs flourishing. Most homeowners install a sprinkler system to avoid the hassles of watering the lawn daily. This system works automatically to keep your lawn and yard watered throughout the year.  But the automatic sprinkler system is quite efficient but it’s not immune to damage. You might have installed the most advanced sprinkler system but all devices tend to wear down over time.

Without frequent inspection and proper maintenance, your sprinkler system may get damage which leads to unnecessary additional expenses. So, to maintain the health of your lovely garden, as well as avoid repair costs, it’s best to keep checking the irrigation system. Taking care of your sprinkler system and quickly attending to any problems that may arise, it’s possible to avoid a costly repair. Now you may ask how to identify these potential issues. Your sprinkler systems can occasionally develop issues like an underground leak in the waterlines. But this fault may go unnoticed because it’s not visible to the naked eye. However, there are some warning signs that do indicate that your sprinkler system needs repair. Below we’ve listed the top signs you should look for to figure out if your sprinkler system needs repairs. The earlier you identify these signs, the quicker you can fix the problem.

Uneven Watering

If the grass is turning yellow or you notice puddles around the yard, it means something is wrong with your irrigation system. Whether you find dry patches of grass or pools of water in various areas of your lawn, you should check the valve. You may also have the heads adjusted. This issue often arises when there’s a fault in the sprinkler head or a leak in your irrigation system.

Sputtering Heads

You might notice that your sprinklers heads are spraying water off-target. Sometimes, it’s simply because the pop-up heads have shifted out of position and may need to be readjusted. It is also possible that the sprinkler heads have become clogged o cracked. In this situation, you need to check the head for dirt clogs. If the problem is not solved after cleaning the debris and fixing cracks then it’s important to inspect the pressure settings for your control valves and your sprinkler heads.

Changing Pressure

If the water pressure has become too high or too low then it means that the system is malfunctioning. The sprinkler will not work properly if there is a loss of pressure in a zone or head. On the other hand, when the pressure becomes too high, it could cause premature damage to your sprinkler system. In both the conditions, look at the control valves and regulators. If you can’t identify the cause, contact an irrigation and landscaping expert.

Dripping Control Valves

The control valves are responsible for regulating the water supply.  When these valves start dripping or leaking, it may lead to high water bills. You need to check the system for any dirt particles, grass clippings, or mold.

20 Feb 2019

Practical Landscaping Tips That Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Listed below are some of the practical and essential landscaping tips you would have to keep in mind when you are planning to increase the resale value of your house.


Add Additional Artificial Water Sources

A major way in which you can increase the value of your home is by adding additional artificial water sources on to your residential premises. This landscaping project would be inclusive of adding elements such as that backyard oasis, hot tubs, pools, and the like. Keep in mind that even though these structures are usually categorized as those which need extremely high maintenance, however, if you have the need to attract a certain niche of customers for the resale of your house, you can very well as these landscaping projects in order to increase the value of your home. While it is true that these elements are extremely high maintenance, another fact that is true is that your house would exponentially increase in its market value once you have invested in these landscaping projects. Make a note that this investment, though quite exorbitant in the first glance, in itself will be a profitable venture on your side as it will pay multifold once you resale the house at a much higher price.


Add More Lighting

Just like the interiors of your house, the exterior portion of your residential premises can be completely transformed by adding the right lighting. You can either use it to illuminate the exterior of your house such as the garden during night time or use it in a manner that will add a softer ambiance to the surroundings during the evening right after sunset. Keep in mind that this lighting needs to be planned out properly so that it can be executed in a manner that will translate your vision into reality. Not to mention that the right kind of writing will increase the attractiveness and appeal of your house, making the potential buyers more interested in it. You can discuss the planning of these lighting techniques with your professional landscaping expert so that they can give you their advice which will help you in adhering to the rules and regulations as well as realizing your vision for the landscaping project simultaneously.


Harmonize With The House

Another parameter that you would have to take into consideration is that you will have to plan the exterior landscaping project in a manner that would be congruous to the interiors of the house as well as the overall look of the house itself. If your house is constructed in a modern architectural design, it would be better to add in landscaping projects that reflect this type of style instead of incorporating traditional elements of architecture in it. Keep in mind that you would not have to strictly make everything look the same, however, the idea of harmony would be ideal to maintain the aesthetic of the house. For instance, the modern architectural design would be able to accommodate contemporary designs as well, if you do not want a design that is extremely similar to your house. Additionally, take care that the design that you are choosing for your landscaping project does not obstruct the view to your house, rather, construct it in such a way that it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house.


If you are in need of professional assistance for your landscaping project, you can elicit the services of Pro Green Irrigation in the Toronto area.