At Pro Green Irrigation we only install contractor grade quality products from names such as Hunter, Rainbird, Irritrol, and Toro. Since no one company manufactures the best of everything, we suggest quality components based on our experience using criteria such as serviceability, user friendliness, and site conditions. If you are familiar with a manufacturer or know someone else who prefers a certain brand, let us know.

Irrigation systems are generally made up of five components:

Timers / Controllers


These are the "brains" of the system telling the system when to turn on and for how long. Whether the timer is programmed by calendar day, odd/even, or by the days of the week, the system will start and stop as you require.

Electric Valves

Electric Valves

These are controlled by the timers. These valves act as gates for the different areas of your property. The system is divided into zones or areas of the property which are watered together. This is done because normally there is not sufficient pressure to water everything together. Also, different areas require different amounts of water depending on the location, plant material or soil conditions.

Sprinkler Heads

Spray Head

Spray Heads are the heads generally used in gardens and smaller turf areas often at the sides of houses or down the side strip of a driveways. Gear Heads or Rotors are heads which pop-up and rotate. These heads are adjustable both in distance and in radius. Gear heads spray from 20’ to 45’and are used for larger areas of the property such as large grass areas.

Pipe & Fittings

Pipe Fittings

This is the plumbing of the system. The pipe runs underground throughout the property and fittings are attached to make connections to the heads and valves.

Rain Sensor

Conventional Rain Sensor
Wireless Rain Sensor
Wireless Rain Sensor

This is an accessory to an irrigation system which shuts the system of for a period of time if there has been sufficient rainfall. The system will resume watering when the Rain sensor “dries” out. Rain sensors come in both wired and wireless versions to suit all installation conditions