17 May 2022

Does a Sprinkler System Increase the Value of Your Home?

When making large improvements in your house, one of the most important considerations is whether they are worthwhile. You want to ensure that the return on value or convenience outweighs the initial investment.


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How a Sprinkler System Increases the Value of Your Home

For starters, if your sprinkler system is not improperly installed, your home’s value will suffer. Furthermore, a defective system would most likely leak into your yard or necessitate frequent and costly maintenance. A fully functional, professionally installed sprinkler system, on the other hand, can increase the value of your property in more ways than one.


Visual Attraction

When visitors or potential purchasers view your property for the first time, a green lawn makes it seem and feel nicer. Furthermore, having a sprinkler system already installed is a tremendous benefit for anyone considering to buy your property. Your entire property may appear old and neglected if it does not have a well-kept yard. While watering your lawn by hand can surely improve its appearance, it is far more difficult to protect your investment without an automatic sprinkler system.



A sprinkler system will minimize your monthly expenditures while keeping your lawn green by giving just the appropriate amount of water, consistently and evenly. When compared to manually watering, using a sprinkler system might potentially reduce your expense by one-third while keeping your yard greener.

Lawns require around one inch of water every week. Sensors in modern irrigation systems monitor water levels on your grass. They alter their water levels to ensure that water is evenly distributed throughout your grass. This takes the guesswork out of lawn watering, and you will never have to wonder if your grass is getting enough. You will also be able to program your sprinkler system to spray specific sections of your lawn more than others. This ensures that your grass receives enough water where it is normally dry but not too much water where it pools, reducing the risk of fungus growth.



If you are currently watering your grass with a hose, you have probably done a poor job at some point. It is inefficient to use a manual sprinkler hose attachment and then neglect to turn it off. When done manually, you may potentially overlook regions, resulting in brown or yellowing spots. You will not have to worry about wasting water or having inconsistent watering results with an underground irrigation system built by professionals.


Recognizing Lawn Zones

Your grass is divided into “lawn zones” by a watering system. The radius of water from the spray jets installed in your grass determines this. To completely cover your lawn with water, build your sprinkler system with overlapping zones. Your lawn will almost definitely have multiple lawn zones per yard. It is common to have 20 lawn zones, and it is not uncommon to need more. 


Sprinkler Spray Jets Explained

Spray jets spray water from the subterranean irrigation system. Pop-up spray jets are now used in the majority of systems. These are unobtrusive and will not be damaged by lawn traffic or mowing.

A basic lawn with only grass will have a conventional pop-up head with a big spray radius for the best coverage. High-rise heads are required for optimal coverage in landscaping zones with shrubs and ground cover. Instead, flower and vegetable zones can be outfitted with bubblers and tiny spray heads. These are designed to water plants softly and not harm edible plants or knock flower petals off. The valve manifold controls the sprinkler system. This is how you control the amount of water that travels where and when. The manifold should be installed in a hidden area in your lawn near the water supply line.


Sprinkler System Installation: Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional

Professional installation guarantees that there are no loose or leaking elements in your irrigation system. Professional systems also use innovative technology to monitor the water levels in your yard. You will be able to set up a steady watering plan, allowing you to water your lawn even when you are away on business or vacation.


It is best to have your sprinkler system installed by a professional for the best results.

12 May 2022

Here’s how you can benefit from landscaping lighting for your home

Your house is your source of pride and joy. You may believe your work is finished once you have laid down your lawn, planted your flower beds, and set up the grill on the back porch. But there is more! Adding landscape lighting and garden lights is an excellent way to accentuate your yard’s best features while also making your property safer. Consider installing outdoor lights as part of your next landscaping project to make your yard more inviting and appealing. Here are some advantages of using professional landscape lighting:


  1. Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

The living room does not have to be the sole room in your house where you spend quality time with family and friends. Increase your outdoor living area! Your patio and garden are ideal for entertaining visitors, eating meals, and spending time with the kids. Outside lighting illuminates your outdoor spaces, allowing them to be used at night. Outdoor lighting may give the proper mood to your environment, whether you are entertaining guests or relaxing with a cup of tea before bed. You may even install outside lights with dimming capabilities. This allows you to utilize stronger light when the kids are playing outside and dim light for romantic evenings with your spouse. Outdoor lights come in a range of sizes and patterns, making it simple to locate lights that complement the rest of your home’s characteristics. You can hardly go wrong with outdoor lighting, which can be both stylish and functional.


  1. Emphasize Your Landscaping Decor

Using lights throughout your flower beds will help highlight all of the gorgeous hues, allowing you to enjoy your garden even at night. Outdoor lights can be installed overhead on porches, in railings or posts on staircases, or on the ground. Statement lights are another excellent option for outdoor lighting. Because of their distinctive design, statement lights are excellent discussion starters. Consider hanging brightly colored orbs around your porch to create mood lighting, or look for lighting that is in topic with your patio decor or one of your hobbies.


  1. Increase The Value Of Your Home And Its Curb Appeal

Any improvement to your home will raise its worth. The beauty of outdoor lighting is that you will see an immediate return on your investment while also enjoying the numerous benefits it will bring you and your family. The moonlight effect is a popular design approach. Light is mild and no brighter than a full moon with this design idea, yet it still lights particular outdoor locations. Your one-of-a-kind and gorgeous outdoor lighting will make all your neighbors envious!


  1. Landscape Lighting Discourages Crime

Landscape lighting that is carefully maintained demonstrates that your home is well cared for, which might deter trespassing and theft. If you are concerned that constant lighting will raise your utility expenses, utilize lights with motion sensors that turn on only when people are in range. This will save you money and startle anyone who tries to enter your property. You may even program your exterior lights to turn on when it becomes dark outside or when you are away on vacation.

06 May 2022

Why opt for an automatic sprinkler system for your lawn? Read to know more.

It’s essential to maintain and take care of your garden and lawn if you want that beautiful look for your home. Dry and browning grass won’t give the best look to your property and can lead to bad impressions on your property. Also, it would be a better option if you’re planning to sell and find buyers for your home. A well-maintained garden would be an excellent addition and help you get better offers for your home. So, you need to invest in maintaining your lawn and garden once you complete the renovation. It would help you retain that beautiful relaxing place for your home and increase the property value. Also, you could set a good impression on every onlooker and the potential buyer if you’re planning to sell.

Regular and adequate watering of your lawn is of essential importance. It’s among the main steps for maintaining the good health of your plants and grass. Ignoring the watering can easily dry up the entire space, and you’d have to plant everything again. It would lead to more wastage and higher expenses for your lawn. You should add a regular watering schedule for your garden and follow it. There’s always the option of hiring help or automating the task. For example, you could invest in automatic sprinkler systems to help water everything without your efforts. It would be better to find a reputed water sprinkler systems expert and communicate with them about your needs. They could tell more about the systems’ different models and budget ranges. You should pick the best among them for your garden size and budget. Let’s look over why you should opt for automatic sprinkler systems over other options:

Eliminate hand watering efforts

With an automatic water sprinkler system, you can avoid carrying around the hose and watering the garden yourself. It would help save your time, and you won’t have to handle any work either. It will be an excellent option if you have a large lawn and not much time to fit watering every day. The automatic system would efficiently handle everything, and you won’t even have to worry about the grass going dry. It would be better to get a quote from different dealers about sprinkler system models. You should pick the best according to your lawn size. Also, it would help keep your garden healthy and water it at the correct time. It would help maintain that beautiful exterior look for your landscape and property. So, you should begin the search and buy water sprinkler systems for your lawn. Ensure that you opt for an expert installation service to get the best results.

Save money and reduce wastage.

You would be saving money by opting for an automatic system in the long run. Hiring a gardener can be pretty expensive for a large lawn. If you cannot handle the task yourself, the lawn can quickly become dry. The automatic system might be a significant investment but would pay off due to its benefits. The system would water the plants even if you’re away from home. It’s an excellent option if you go out on vacation and want your garden to remain in good shape. Furthermore, you would avoid wasting water through this system. The sensor would sense rain and stop the water flow. Also, there would be no instances of overflowing and wastage of water. It would automatically turn off the supply when not required. So, opt for an expert water sprinkler installation service and get your lawn in good shape.

Efficient watering

The experts would install the sprinkler system after assessing your space and lawn. It would ensure adequate overlapping to get the required water to the edges, leading to good health. Furthermore, there would be varying water requirements for different areas and plant types. The sprinkler system can handle that task and ensure an efficient water supply for the entire space. So, you should opt for a reliable automatic system and hire installation experts. Communicate with them while comparing different systems to get the best one. It would be better to know more about the features and costs of other models to find the fit for your budget and lawn. So, begin the task and get your lawn back in good shape.

07 Mar 2022

Ensure A Lush Green Lawn In Your Backyard By Following A Few Steps:

Having a lawn in your back or front yard is a good option instead of having an empty space. The lush green lawn will ensure a healthy environment and offer you peace of mind. You do not have to go for long walks because you can use your lawn for the same purpose. Moreover, walking barefoot on grass is really good for health and an early morning walk on your own lawn is what you need for good physical health. Walking on your lawn is not only going to help you maintain physical health but will also offer you well-being of mental and emotional health as well as a connection with nature. Our busy daily life does not allow us to appreciate nature enough, but a lawn is a good start.

Apart from your health, a lawn is an excellent option if you want to add to the value of your home both aesthetically and with respect to money. You can even add lights, flowers, plants, landscape to your lawn if you want to experiment more with the space. But the homeowners who have a lawn also have a responsibility towards maintaining it. If you will not pay attention to the upkeep of the lawn, it will not survive and will also affect the appeal of your dwelling. Good maintenance will help you to have a lush green lawn, and to achieve that you have to follow a few steps:


Ensure proper cutting of the grass:

A loan should look attractive, and a place will only look attractive if it is properly maintained. Keeping your lawn organized should be your first priority, for which you would need to ensure proper cutting of the grass. The grass should be neatly cut, so the place should look levelled and pleasing to the eyes. Freshly cut grass will help you put up with the beauty of the grass and ensure there is no weed growth in the garden because when you are cutting the grass, you will notice if there is any weed growth and immediately take essential steps to stop the growth. Therefore, regular mowing will help you get rid of weed growth as well.


Add some plants:

A lawn would look complete with some plants. You can add various flowers to add to the beauty of the lawn. Having various flowers of different colours will change the environment around you because the fragrance and the beauty will help you see a change in your lifestyle as you will spend time maintaining it, which will help you bond with nature. When you pay attention to the upkeep of the flowers and plants, you will eventually contribute to the maintenance of the lawn.


Install a water sprinkler:

Watering the plants or just grass is essential if you want to see your garden green and beautiful. Watering it will help the grass get the essential element that it wants to grow and remain healthy. Even if you have planted some flowers, you need to water them regularly to give them nourishment. But the thing is, watering them manually will take up much time. Sometimes you might not have enough time for watering the plants and grass, which will not be good for the look of your lawn. Installing water sprinklers on your lawn will help you water the lawn conveniently without worrying about the garden’s maintenance.


How about some lights?

So a lush green lawn is all about beauty, and you can add beauty to your lawn in one way or another, like installing lights. Garden and lawn lights are available in the market, and you can choose from various options. Lights are a good option to enhance the attractiveness of the lawn.


04 Feb 2022

A guide to sprinkler irrigation system

Are you a farmer or a home owner with a landscape in front? Then you must have faced the issues of watering the crops that are irrigation. Irrigation is a mechanical or sometimes manual process of applying controlled amounts of water to the land in assisting in the production of crops and plantation and in growing landscape plants and lawns, where it may be simply known as watering. Irrigation also helps to revegetate the disturbed soils in the dry areas and during periods of less than average rainfall during the year. Irrigation is a vast concept that has so many types. Sprinkler irrigation is also a part of it about which this whole article is about. Read till the end of this article if you are interested in gaining detailed knowledge about inground irrigation systems.


What is a Sprinkler Irrigation System?

Sprinkler or spray irrigation is a convenient method of applying water to the crops in a controlled manner similar to rainfall through a small diameter nozzle placed in the pipes. This system allows the application of water under high pressure with the help of a pump. The water is distributed through a long and wide channel that may consist of some pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers sprayed into the air, and it rinses in most of the soil types due to its wide range of discharge capacity. It can be used for residential, industrial, and agricultural usage.



Let’s discuss some essential components of sprinkling irrigation system and their uses.


Pump unit:

Sprinkler irrigation system distributes the water by spraying it over the fields and landscapes. The water is pumped under considerable pressure over the areas. The pressure forces the water through the sprinklers or the nozzles in pipelines, and then they form a spray. A high-speed and efficient centrifugal pump or turbine pump operates individual fields’ sprinkler irrigation. The driving unit in the pumps may be either an electric motor or an internal combustion engine motor.



The tubings consist of three components: mainline, submanins, and laterals. The mainline transfers the water from the source and distributes it to the other sub mains. The submains then convey that water to the laterals, which supply the water to the sprinklers.



The couplers are used for connecting two pipes and their uncoupling. It should provide reuse and flexible connection and not leak at the joint. It should be simple and easy to couple and uncouple and be durable.

There are some primary benefits of sprinkler irrigation systems listed below.


  • It eliminates the water conveyance channels, which leads to the reduction of conveyance loss.
  • It is suitable for all types of soil and field conditions except heavy clay soil.
  • It is also ideal for irrigation, where the population per unit area is very high.
  • As the water is minimum, water is saved up to 30% – 50 %.
  •  Water is distributed in a uniform manner with high efficiency sprinkling system
  • Measurement of distributed water is accurate and consistent.
  • It is beneficial to increase the yield.
  • It reduces soil compaction.
  • The mobility of the irrigation system helps the operator to work efficiently.
  • It is also suitable for undulating the land.
  • It saves the ground as no bunds are required for sprinkling irrigation.
  • Soluble fertilizers and chemicals are possible when we opt for this irrigation method.
  • It provides frost protection & helps in the alteration of the microclimate.
  • Sprinkling irrigation system reduces the labour cost.



02 Jan 2022

Step by Step Guide to Ensure a Green and lush lawn:

A lawn in the backyard or front yard will only look good if it is lush green. A green lawn is going to enhance the look of your place. But how are you going to ensure a healthy life for your lawn? In order to provide a green look of your loan, you would need to ensure its proper maintenance. Proper maintenance of the place is important so that the grass can remain green. Imagine the yellow and brown grass because you did not pay attention to your garden. The grass will look dull and would not be a pleasing view even to the passers-by. It will not have a good first impression on the visitors as well. So no matter how pretty your home looks from the inside, if the other look is not as attractive as it should be, then it is not worth anything. To ensure a green and long life of your lawn, you need to follow the below-given steps, which will also help you maintain your lawn.


Watering is essential:

Watering the plants is the essential thing that you would need to do if you want your lawn to be healthy, green and lush. You can use a water hose, water can water your plants, but the most effective way of watering the garden is using water sprinklers. Water sprinklers are going to help you ensure that the watch water reaches equally to all the corners of the loan. Not even a single patch of grass must be left without watering because it affects the whole area sooner or later if it dies. That is why to ensure a healthy garden with lots of greens in it, and you would need to opt for water sprinklers as it is a method of watering the lawn effectively.


Organizing the lawn:

Mowing and pruning is the next thing you need to make sure if you want the loan to look attractive. An organized garden looks way more appealing than an unkempt garden. Even if you are ensuring to water the lawn by adding water sprinklers, you would still need to ensure the grass is cut properly so that the place looks organized. In a garden with long grass and unorganized plants, the chances of weed growth increase. So, you would need to buy moving and pruning tools to ensure an organized look of the garden.


Use effective methods:

If you really want to have an attractive garden, you need to ensure that the grass and plants are appropriately maintained. But there can be numerous reasons why the greenery is not being retained, and one of them is soil erosion. A watershed in your place softens the soil eroding the topmost layer, which is essential for plant growth. So, you would need to opt for measures that will help avoid soil erosion. You can construct a pathway in your loan that can who would do topsoil and will reduce soil erosion. If there is a way, you can give a path for the water on your roof to flow; it will also help to reduce soil erosion.



06 Dec 2021

What are the essential things you would need to maintain your lawn?

A lawn or garden is the most beautiful place on a property. If you are a proud owner of a house that has a beautiful garden in its backyard or front yard, you would not want to lose its attractiveness. That is why as a homeowner, it becomes essential for you to opt for maintenance of the lawn. The green, lush grass would need proper maintenance so it can be fresh and nourished. And if you have flowers, shrubs, she’s in the loaner garden you would need to take care of them as well. Watering is one of the most important things that your garden would need. Plants will only nourish when they get proper sunlight, water, and nutrients. Think of it like this if a human being needs food to survive, so does the plants Anne grass. And the homeowners who do not have flowers, bushes, or trees in their garden also need to ensure the maintenance of it because lush, green grass is also sufficient to provide a fresh look to your property.

Here are some essential things that a homeowner would need in order to maintain your lawn or garden:


 A mowing machine:

Grass will eventually grow longer and longer, and if you do not look after it, the loan will start looking messy. An organized lawn with a beautiful covering of green grass will give your place a fresh look. The garden’s prettiness is measured not only by the flowers and beautiful plants that are grown there but also by the organized grass. Proper mowing of the grass will help to give it an organized look. Moreover, in long grass, there are more chances of pest infestation or rodents, which will eventually enter your home at some point in time. So to maintain the attractiveness of the garden, you need a mowing machine.


Sweeping tools:

You would need to keep your loan fresh and clean. That is why you would require sweeping tools so that you can remove the dirt and debris from your lawn. There will be so many things that will come in your garden with the blowing wind, for example, some rappers, leaves, this paper, Exeter. You do not want your garden to look dirty because it will ruin the look of the whole property. Moreover, after mowing the grass, you would need to clean the leftovers. That is why you would need a broom that will help clean all the debris.


Watering arrangements:

Watering the lawn is the essential thing you would have to take care of. Some people use a water hose to water their plants and the grass, while others have a watering can. But you can also offer some other ways that are more efficient in watering your lawn. Installing an irrigation system on your lawn will help to water the grass quickly and effectively. It takes up most of your time when you water the long. Also, you might end up watering the lawn is regularly. That is why an irrigation system for the lawn will help water the grass appropriately, saving your time.


20 Nov 2021

Installing Sprinkler Systems In Your Home Is An Efficient Method Of Using Water

Water is the most crucial resource and foundation for a healthy lawn or garden. And in fact, water on its own is an invaluable resource. Hence, correct and judicial usage of water is very necessary. Survival of human beings is impossible without water because it is the unavoidable need of our body.

Basically, all plants and animals need water to ensure their existence on earth. But water is not being used judiciously these days which might lead to water shortage in the future. Hence, effective strategies should be designed, implemented, and followed when it comes to water usage. One such efficient method of using water for the purpose of watering your garden is installing a sprinkler system in your home.
It is an automatic system that uses water sensibly minimizing any sort of wastage.

There are other benefits of using a sprinkler system as well:

Automatic: Are you someone who forgets to water his/her lawn or is too busy to do so? Well, in that case you should definitely get a sprinkler system installed in your home as it is automatic. You can set the timer as per your own convenience and then you can stay at peace knowing your lawn would get watered automatically.

Convenient to use: It is very convenient to use as well. All you need to do is install it in the middle of your garden and set the timer and voila! you are all done. This way you do not have to worry about watering your garden when you are going on a vacation or even shopping.

Distributes water evenly: Another significant benefit of using a sprinkler system is that it distributes water evenly across your lawn without leaving any area uncovered. It helps you avoid all the issues related to underwatering or overwatering the lawn.

In addition to that, having a sprinkler system in your home also increases the value of your property which might prove to be very useful to you in the future. All in all a sprinkler system is definitely worth investing in as it is very beneficial for your garden and minimizes water wastage at the same time.

Below given are some points that prove sprinkler system is an efficient way of using water systematically:

Judicial usage: Sprinkler systems minimize the wastage of water and use water very judiciously. Once installed in your garden, all you need is to set a timer and it will automatically water your entire garden that too without any sort of assistance.

Overwatering/underwatering: When it comes to watering your garden neither overwatering nor underwatering is recommended rather, evenly distributed water over the entire garden is required. With a sprinkler system, you do not have to worry about underwatering or overwatering as it is entitled to systematically distribute the water all across your lawn.

In a nutshell, it can be said that installing a sprinkler system in your home is going to prove very beneficial to you in the long run. Especially if you are someone who tends to forget watering his or her lawn, having a sprinkler system in your home is a must.



04 Oct 2021

Things to consider before choosing the right sprinkler system for your lawn

Providing the right amount of water and nutrients to the plants helps in the proper growth. There are various kinds of strategies used to provide water for the crops, one of which is the sprinkler systems. The sprinkler system uses less water and is regarded and one of the most efficient irrigation methods. The sprinklers will introduce moisture to the fields in the desired amount, causing any wastage. A sprinkler is a kind of plug that is used to hold back water in the pipe. The heat from the fire will break the glass tube and melt the solder to release water. The water comes out in the form of spray and covers the neighboring areas.

Sprinkler systems are highly preferred by homeowners these days. The sprinkler system, when used in the garden, helps in the effective growth of the crops. Also, the sprinkler systems make lawn maintenance straightforward. Without an efficient sprinkler system, you will have to water the plants, which manually requires a lot of time. A sound sprinkler system will reach out to the areas in the lawn which might have been skipped otherwise. A sprinkler system also adds value to your house as it covers the entire yard and becomes one of the most efficient methods to save your time in the long run. It leads to the uniform distribution of water and is suitable for all types of field conditions.

Here are some everyday things which must be considered before choosing the right sprinkler system:

Size for the lawn: The size of the yard is an essential consideration in choosing the right type of sprinkler system. A sprinkler system must be big enough to water your lawn, and its access should be to the corners of the yard. A rotary sprinkler system is the most common choice picked by homeowners these days. If you have more small plantings and the size of the lawn is small, you must take the help of an expert to pick the right choice for you.

Soil type: Another essential factor to be kept in mind is the needs of the soil. Different types of soils need a varying amount of water and nutrients. Some soils can do with little water and effectively meet the needs of the crops with less amount of water. Some soils can also wash away the excess nutrients of the plants if excess water is available to them. Thus knowing the type of soil will make sure that you are the right kind of sprinkler system for your lawn.

The watering needs of lawn: The next thing to note here is the watering needs of your lawn. This is highly dependent on the variety of plants your lawn contains. Some sprinkler systems offer a very slow and controlled watering to the plants according to the needs. The amount of water at the disposal for watering will depict the watering needs of your lawn. You can also adjust your sprinkler system according to your basic requirements.

The rainfall patterns: One must consider the amount of average rainfall in the area. This will help you dictate which sprinkler system is best suited for your lawn. You should not have too many sprinkler systems if you experience a lot of rainfall as it will completely flood your lawn. In the dry season, you must ensure your sprinklers are spread evenly to water all the plantings in your lawn.

07 Sep 2021

How does an Irrigation System Upgrade your House?

Investing in an irrigation system has always been a wise choice. It is environment-friendly, promotes healthy plant growth and eliminates all soil-related issues. An adequate system waters the plants and looks after the healthy conditioning of the lawn. Moreover, a sound irrigation system saves you a lot of time, money and water- the most important of all. There are significant benefits that an efficient irrigation system brings to your home, like: 

  • Compatible with the environment: With rapid industrialization, people seek ways to stay as close to nature as possible. With an environment-friendly irrigation system, you are treading closer. An efficient irrigation system makes your lawn and garden capable enough. This helps absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, since the water from irrigation holds and binds the soil together, there are fewer chances for soil erosion, thus keeping the quality of the soil intact. Irrigation also keeps your garden and home cool and fresh air, meaning you have a better and safer environment.
  • Prevents plant diseases: since the irrigation system focuses more on plant growth than scattering water everywhere, the much-required water is not wasted catering to the growing elements of fungus and bacteria. When this bacteria linger in your yard and clings to the plants, it causes plan diseases. Moreover, since the water is continuously regulated and smartly used, it prevents standing water that may be a breeding place for other insects, thus ensuring complete safety in and around your garden. 
  • Saves water: Irrigation systems like drip and sprinklers direct the water towards the root of plants where it is most required. This serves two purposes: first, it prevents water wastage, and second, the plants and trees receive all essential minerals for their growth. Additionally, you do not have to schedule a watering timing; you can get your irrigation system running and expect a healthy, growing and colourful yard. 
  • Soil preservation: overflow of water can wash away the top layer of the soil and, with it, the nutritious humus. With an irrigation system, the water does not flood the yard but cater to the needs of the plants. Additionally, it improves the water retentivity of the soil, which then produces more minerals making the soil rich and healthy. It is a chain. Mindful and contained usage of water will boost plant growth, improve the quality of the soil and prevent erosion. 


  • Affordable value to your home: A home with a running irrigation system will fetch a better market value. An irrigation system is not only a financial profit in the long run, but it is also cost-effective and practical. The amount of water you would waste manually catering to plants and trees, an irrigation system would use much less and better results. With a green and pretty yard, long-standing trees and beautiful plants, you display a yard that is symbolic of being healthy and well-fed. This, in turn, has a considerable effect on the overall aesthetic of the house and thus adding affordable value to your residence.