17 May 2022

Does a Sprinkler System Increase the Value of Your Home?

When making large improvements in your house, one of the most important considerations is whether they are worthwhile. You want to ensure that the return on value or convenience outweighs the initial investment.


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How a Sprinkler System Increases the Value of Your Home

For starters, if your sprinkler system is not improperly installed, your home’s value will suffer. Furthermore, a defective system would most likely leak into your yard or necessitate frequent and costly maintenance. A fully functional, professionally installed sprinkler system, on the other hand, can increase the value of your property in more ways than one.


Visual Attraction

When visitors or potential purchasers view your property for the first time, a green lawn makes it seem and feel nicer. Furthermore, having a sprinkler system already installed is a tremendous benefit for anyone considering to buy your property. Your entire property may appear old and neglected if it does not have a well-kept yard. While watering your lawn by hand can surely improve its appearance, it is far more difficult to protect your investment without an automatic sprinkler system.



A sprinkler system will minimize your monthly expenditures while keeping your lawn green by giving just the appropriate amount of water, consistently and evenly. When compared to manually watering, using a sprinkler system might potentially reduce your expense by one-third while keeping your yard greener.

Lawns require around one inch of water every week. Sensors in modern irrigation systems monitor water levels on your grass. They alter their water levels to ensure that water is evenly distributed throughout your grass. This takes the guesswork out of lawn watering, and you will never have to wonder if your grass is getting enough. You will also be able to program your sprinkler system to spray specific sections of your lawn more than others. This ensures that your grass receives enough water where it is normally dry but not too much water where it pools, reducing the risk of fungus growth.



If you are currently watering your grass with a hose, you have probably done a poor job at some point. It is inefficient to use a manual sprinkler hose attachment and then neglect to turn it off. When done manually, you may potentially overlook regions, resulting in brown or yellowing spots. You will not have to worry about wasting water or having inconsistent watering results with an underground irrigation system built by professionals.


Recognizing Lawn Zones

Your grass is divided into “lawn zones” by a watering system. The radius of water from the spray jets installed in your grass determines this. To completely cover your lawn with water, build your sprinkler system with overlapping zones. Your lawn will almost definitely have multiple lawn zones per yard. It is common to have 20 lawn zones, and it is not uncommon to need more. 


Sprinkler Spray Jets Explained

Spray jets spray water from the subterranean irrigation system. Pop-up spray jets are now used in the majority of systems. These are unobtrusive and will not be damaged by lawn traffic or mowing.

A basic lawn with only grass will have a conventional pop-up head with a big spray radius for the best coverage. High-rise heads are required for optimal coverage in landscaping zones with shrubs and ground cover. Instead, flower and vegetable zones can be outfitted with bubblers and tiny spray heads. These are designed to water plants softly and not harm edible plants or knock flower petals off. The valve manifold controls the sprinkler system. This is how you control the amount of water that travels where and when. The manifold should be installed in a hidden area in your lawn near the water supply line.


Sprinkler System Installation: Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional

Professional installation guarantees that there are no loose or leaking elements in your irrigation system. Professional systems also use innovative technology to monitor the water levels in your yard. You will be able to set up a steady watering plan, allowing you to water your lawn even when you are away on business or vacation.


It is best to have your sprinkler system installed by a professional for the best results.

07 Mar 2022

Ensure A Lush Green Lawn In Your Backyard By Following A Few Steps:

Having a lawn in your back or front yard is a good option instead of having an empty space. The lush green lawn will ensure a healthy environment and offer you peace of mind. You do not have to go for long walks because you can use your lawn for the same purpose. Moreover, walking barefoot on grass is really good for health and an early morning walk on your own lawn is what you need for good physical health. Walking on your lawn is not only going to help you maintain physical health but will also offer you well-being of mental and emotional health as well as a connection with nature. Our busy daily life does not allow us to appreciate nature enough, but a lawn is a good start.

Apart from your health, a lawn is an excellent option if you want to add to the value of your home both aesthetically and with respect to money. You can even add lights, flowers, plants, landscape to your lawn if you want to experiment more with the space. But the homeowners who have a lawn also have a responsibility towards maintaining it. If you will not pay attention to the upkeep of the lawn, it will not survive and will also affect the appeal of your dwelling. Good maintenance will help you to have a lush green lawn, and to achieve that you have to follow a few steps:


Ensure proper cutting of the grass:

A loan should look attractive, and a place will only look attractive if it is properly maintained. Keeping your lawn organized should be your first priority, for which you would need to ensure proper cutting of the grass. The grass should be neatly cut, so the place should look levelled and pleasing to the eyes. Freshly cut grass will help you put up with the beauty of the grass and ensure there is no weed growth in the garden because when you are cutting the grass, you will notice if there is any weed growth and immediately take essential steps to stop the growth. Therefore, regular mowing will help you get rid of weed growth as well.


Add some plants:

A lawn would look complete with some plants. You can add various flowers to add to the beauty of the lawn. Having various flowers of different colours will change the environment around you because the fragrance and the beauty will help you see a change in your lifestyle as you will spend time maintaining it, which will help you bond with nature. When you pay attention to the upkeep of the flowers and plants, you will eventually contribute to the maintenance of the lawn.


Install a water sprinkler:

Watering the plants or just grass is essential if you want to see your garden green and beautiful. Watering it will help the grass get the essential element that it wants to grow and remain healthy. Even if you have planted some flowers, you need to water them regularly to give them nourishment. But the thing is, watering them manually will take up much time. Sometimes you might not have enough time for watering the plants and grass, which will not be good for the look of your lawn. Installing water sprinklers on your lawn will help you water the lawn conveniently without worrying about the garden’s maintenance.


How about some lights?

So a lush green lawn is all about beauty, and you can add beauty to your lawn in one way or another, like installing lights. Garden and lawn lights are available in the market, and you can choose from various options. Lights are a good option to enhance the attractiveness of the lawn.


02 Jan 2022

Step by Step Guide to Ensure a Green and lush lawn:

A lawn in the backyard or front yard will only look good if it is lush green. A green lawn is going to enhance the look of your place. But how are you going to ensure a healthy life for your lawn? In order to provide a green look of your loan, you would need to ensure its proper maintenance. Proper maintenance of the place is important so that the grass can remain green. Imagine the yellow and brown grass because you did not pay attention to your garden. The grass will look dull and would not be a pleasing view even to the passers-by. It will not have a good first impression on the visitors as well. So no matter how pretty your home looks from the inside, if the other look is not as attractive as it should be, then it is not worth anything. To ensure a green and long life of your lawn, you need to follow the below-given steps, which will also help you maintain your lawn.


Watering is essential:

Watering the plants is the essential thing that you would need to do if you want your lawn to be healthy, green and lush. You can use a water hose, water can water your plants, but the most effective way of watering the garden is using water sprinklers. Water sprinklers are going to help you ensure that the watch water reaches equally to all the corners of the loan. Not even a single patch of grass must be left without watering because it affects the whole area sooner or later if it dies. That is why to ensure a healthy garden with lots of greens in it, and you would need to opt for water sprinklers as it is a method of watering the lawn effectively.


Organizing the lawn:

Mowing and pruning is the next thing you need to make sure if you want the loan to look attractive. An organized garden looks way more appealing than an unkempt garden. Even if you are ensuring to water the lawn by adding water sprinklers, you would still need to ensure the grass is cut properly so that the place looks organized. In a garden with long grass and unorganized plants, the chances of weed growth increase. So, you would need to buy moving and pruning tools to ensure an organized look of the garden.


Use effective methods:

If you really want to have an attractive garden, you need to ensure that the grass and plants are appropriately maintained. But there can be numerous reasons why the greenery is not being retained, and one of them is soil erosion. A watershed in your place softens the soil eroding the topmost layer, which is essential for plant growth. So, you would need to opt for measures that will help avoid soil erosion. You can construct a pathway in your loan that can who would do topsoil and will reduce soil erosion. If there is a way, you can give a path for the water on your roof to flow; it will also help to reduce soil erosion.



04 Nov 2020

Three Warning Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Attention!

The exterior of your house contributes about fifty per cent to your home’s value. Whether it’s your backyard or outdoor living space, keeping it up to date should be on your priority list. Adding a sprinkler system or a smart irrigation system can serve most of the needs of your plants, trees, shrubs and soil.

Sprinkler systems can be your escape route from the daily duties of watering your plants accurately. If your garden has an existing sprinkler system, then you should not overlook it for too long. It might need some maintenance and repairs to work efficiently.

Incorporating some modernized feature, updating the equipment and adjusting the sprinkler pressure can improve its overall performance. But most people are not aware of how to spot whether their sprinklers are screaming for help? There might be a need for a repair or installation of a new sprinkler system. So, today we are sharing some of the most common warning signs that you should not neglect.

Lack of Maintenance- Many homeowners skip the routine maintenance of their irrigation system. Since the system is placed in your landscaping, it is exposed to many environmental factors. However, with time, these environmental factors and intrusion of critters can cause wear and tear in your sprinkler system. For instance, heavy storms can make debris block the openings of the sprinkler, rodents can break the wiring and connections, and the water pressure can fall with time.

If pest infestation is your major problem, then go for adding elements that can deter intruders from entering your garden and damaging your irrigation system. Besides, you must clean the nozzles of the sprinkler and other parts and inspect for upgradations. A weekly check-up and cleanliness routine can save you from spending on repairs. Keep that in mind!

Sprinkler Malfunction- You may experience that your plants are not receiving enough water for them to survive or there could be pale patches of grass in your garden. Another thing that can help you figure out that something is wrong with your sprinkler system is when most of the water doesn’t reaches your garden and is absorbed by the concrete. The most common things homeowners usually face is the increment in their water bills and the poor condition of their yard.

The sprinkler malfunction could include broken and damaged sprinkler pipes and wiring, clogged nozzles, water leaks, damaged time controller and backflow vulnerability.

If you are facing any such trouble, it is in the best interest to seek professional help. It clearly shows that your sprinklers aren’t functioning well and they need expert sprinkler repair and maintenance services.

Incorrect Fitting- If you are facing issues with your sprinkler system during the time of its installation, then the fault is not in your sprinkler system but its installation. If you notice problems featuring low coverage, incorrect water pressure or wiring issues, then your technicians have not fitted your sprinkler systems accurately. It is time that you seek professional help and get your sprinklers fixed appropriately.

12 Nov 2019

Warning Signs of a Failing Irrigation System

If you have a beautiful lush garden, most probably you’ve installed an irrigation system. The latest automatic irrigation systems have replaced the traditional hose and sprinkler watering methods. With a properly functioning irrigation system, you don’t need to hand-water your garden or drag a hose and sprinkler attachment around the yard. The automatic irrigation system uniformly waters the garden, at a specific time interval.

Watering is essential to maintain a healthy and flourishing garden. But if your irrigation system gets damaged, it can cause various problems like dry patches, plant disease, and water wasting. A leaking or failing irrigation system not only impacts the plants’ health and appearance but also leads to soaring water bills. In the worst case, if the leak occurs near the building’s foundation, it can also cause structural damage. So, it’s imperative to find and fix leaks as soon as possible. But how can you determine that your irrigation system is damaged?

To identify the signs of damaged underground lawn and landscape irrigation systems, you need to first get a basic idea about this system. The underground watering system is not as complex as you might think. The in-ground sprinkler system consists of a water pipe, valve box, controllers, and electric valves. The valves and water lines run throughout your lawn and landscape. If any part gets damaged, you’re likely to notice some visible signs. By identifying the warning signs, you can save repair costs and prevent potential hassles.

Check out some common warning signs that indicate your irrigation system is damaged and needs repair.

Erratic Sprinkler

Sometimes, water sprinklers start spraying off-target. Possibly, this happens due to valve or pressure problems.  However, usually, the problem is simply cracked or clogged sprinkler heads. So, when you notice erratic sprinkling, check your sprinkler heads. Cracked or broken heads need replacement while clogged ones need cleaning. If the sprinkler heads are fine, then you may need to adjust the pressure setting.

Flooded or Parched Patches

Sprinkler systems uniformly water the grass or turf. But when you notice that an area in your garden is flooded or dry, it indicates a problem. So, take a look at your entire lawn to spot any dry or soaked area. Your garden needs balanced watering to flourish. Whether you find soaked grass or patches of yellow grass, you need to restore the efficient water distribution. Identify leaks or call a landscaping pro to figure out the problem and fix it.

Dripping Control Valves

Another common symptom of damage is constantly leaking or dripping control valves. To deliver the right amount of water to each yard zone, the system relies on operating valves. Signs like a drip, leak, or damp areas around pressure regulators and filters mean something’s wrong. This problem may arise due to broken or loose parts in another area of your irrigation system. It is also possible that dirt, small particles or grass clippings have accumulated in the equipment. Whatever the cause may be, make sure to address this issue before it causes expensive damage in the future.

Changes in Water Pressure

When the water pressure becomes too low or too high, it can cause watering issues. If the water pressure is too high, it can prematurely wear out your system’s equipment. And when the pressure is too low, your grass and plants will fail to receive the required water. So, take a look at the control valves, regulators, as well as irrigation pipes.

16 Jun 2019

How to Easily Maintain Your Garden Irrigation System

Do you want to keep your garden lush and green even during the hottest and driest weeks of summer? If so, properly installing and maintaining your irrigation system is of utmost importance. These days, in-ground irrigation systems are the first preference of homeowners but without regular maintenance, even the best system fails.

You can’t rely on natural rainfall for the whole year to supply water to your beautifully designed lawn. Your plants need accurate water supply to survive and flourish which is possible only through a well-maintained irrigation system. With the right type of irrigation system, it’s possible to water your garden only where it is needed. Moreover, the latest underground sprinkler systems also give you the ability to automate your watering schedule. But if you have an automatic sprinkler system, maintenance and tune-ups are essential to conserve water, save money, as well as keep your lawn in perfect condition.

Maintenance ensures that your lawn sprinkler system operates at maximum efficiency forever to protect your investment. To help you save water and keep your irrigation system in prime working order, here are some simple tips to maintain your system. These tips will help you in watering your lawn, garden, or landscape more efficiently throughout the year.

Clean Clogged Sprinkler Head

As a part of routine maintenance, you need to make sure that the sprinkler heads are not clogged. If you don’t clean the clogged sprinkler heads, the system will fail to perform and your landscape will no longer receive the required amount of water. To avoid this issue, you should keep checking the sprinkler heads every now and then. If you find any substance or dirt clogging the heads or anything restricting the proper flow of water, take action immediately. The sprinklers with metal parts may also develop rust and can suffer corrosion over time. When this happens, you will need to replace that part because rust will hinder the flow of water. Another issue that impedes the sprinkler heads from deploying water properly is roots or vines growing over the sprinklers.

So, for cleaning the sprinkler head, you need to lift the head out and remove it from its sleeve. Now, dip it in hot water for a few minutes and use a stiff wire to remove any dirt or debris from the nozzle holes. Also, remove the debris buildup from the sprinkler sleeve itself.

Inspect the Piping and Broken Sprinkler Heads

From time to time, you should inspect the piping lines, as well as sprinklers. This is because pipes that connect the pop-up lawn sprinkler heads often develop leaks which result in wasting water. To avoid this issue, you need to look at where pipes are laid and take note of moisture or water at an unwanted place. In addition to this, you should make sure that sprinkler heads are not broken or missing. You need to fix or replace broken and missing heads so that water is distributed properly across your lawn and there are no wet spots and runoff.

Adjust Sprinkler Heads & Check Your Water Pressure

Another important step in the maintenance routine is checking the position of the sprinkler heads. Adjusting the position of the head is more important in regions that are vulnerable to seismic activities which may cause the heads in the lawn sprinkler system to shift. Soil erosion or seismic activity is responsible for making subtle terrain changes which result in disturbing the angle of the sprinkler head. The head also gets tilted due to a bump from a lawnmower or from accidentally stepping over it. If you don’t adjust the angle from time to time, the system will not evenly pump out water. Besides this, you should also keep a watch on the water pressure. Ideally, your irrigation system setting should be between 40 and 65 PSI.

20 May 2019

Choosing the Right Irrigation System

Hey! If you have decided to switch your lawn from water-wasting place to a lawn which only uses the right amount of then you are helping the earth in a significant way. Kudos!

Are you aware that most of the sprinkler systems are not efficient and lead to a 50% wastage of water? At this alarming stage where saving water has become so crucial, we must contribute towards this cause. So, choosing the right irrigation system is essential.


  1. Hand-moved sprinklers –

This system consists of a setup of aluminium pipe, which is used to distribute water from the source to the ground. One main line extends out across the field along with a series of lateral pipes that are moved with hands to sprinkle the water in the field in sections.

This system comes with a major advantage, which is that the total cost of the system is relatively low. When we talk about the benefits of something, its flaws come along. The disadvantage of this is that it is labor-intensive.


  1. Hand-moved big guns –

It is almost the same as hand-moved sprinklers. The only difference is that in this system, small and low volume sprinklers are replaced with big and high volume gun sprinklers. As the big guns cover a larger area, hence they require less labor.

The major advantage of this system is that it saves time as large fields can be irrigated quickly. The disadvantages are that it requires labor to set up and operate, and it sprinkles large droplet size, which has the tendency to harm the tender crop.


  1. Drip Irrigation –

It is also referred to as trickle irrigation. This is a slow and precise system of irrigating the plants because it provides 100% of water to the crops. When compared to traditional spray heads, which used to release approximately five gallons of water per minute, the drip irrigation system release a comparatively higher amount of water per hour. This system provides both the water saving as well as environmental advantage. It minimizes evaporation, prevents runoff, and avoid overspray. The water reaches deep into the roots, thus making the roots system healthier.

The disadvantage of this system is that freezing can lead to broken lines and blocked emitters.


  1. Solid-set sprinklers –

This system covers the entire field with laterals that are positioned in the field for the entire growing season. The header valves regulate these lateral lines. The advantages of this system are that they are suitable for frost protection; they are easy to operate because they are set in the field and need not to be moved. This system also requires less labor.

The disadvantage of solid-set sprinkler is that it is a capital intensive system. The other problem is that the pipes can block the operations such as cultivation, spraying, and harvesting.


  1. Traveling big sun sprinklers –

It possesses big gun sprinkler that is mounted on a wheeled cart. Further, it is connected to a hard plastic pipe on a mechanical reel. These systems are used to irrigate large areas that too, with little labor.

Its advantages are, it requires less labor work to set up and operate, irrigates more area, enhanced water distribution, and it can easily adapt to the field of any size and contour.

The disadvantages are that it demands high operating cost and are not suitable for frost protection. They have the potential to cause runoff and erosion.


  1. Center Pivots –

It has a moving pipeline for irrigation. The water is distributed along the length of the pipe that rotates around fixed, central water supply.

They are the best suitable for fields with a single crop. Its installation cost is quite high.

25 Mar 2019

Smart Irrigation Tips for Gardeners and Growers

The first thing you want to do is when it gets warm is to flock outside and spend some time with family on lush green grasses. However, with the changing climate, it is wise to save some. Water is essential for every aspect of life. Gardening needs a lot of water, so if you are a gardener then this post is definitely for you. This post will teach you how to maintain your lush green grasses, flowers, vegetables etc. Those areas that are drought-prone are in constant need of water. It is important to recharge your surface as well as groundwater. Most people use irrigation controllers to set the time and frequency of their sprinklers and drips as It saves a lot of time and money, and plants. Follow these simple recommendations for conserving water and irrigation adjustments in your home landscape.


Before you start eyeing those lemon trees and succulent fruits at the garden store, you should check your hardiness zone. This check will help you understand the kind of plants that can survive in your garden. It takes an account of the temperature and weather. Before heading to the store, you must determine the kinds of plants to buy, especially if you are buying it from an online store.


Be efficient with water, In today’s time when water is one of the scarce resources, it is important to look for techniques that help you save more water. Micro-irrigation and drip sprinklers are some of the most used techniques to save water. They help you water deep and ensure that your garden receives an inch of water.


Your irrigation system must be equipped with timers to help you tackle perpetual water problems. Try to invest in an electronic (AC) or battery (DC) timer that is fitted with a rain sensor port. Such a timer will help you suspend the timer programme during rains. Timers help you adjust frequency and time to save water. It is wise to check the timer once in a while and experiment with less frequent water. Watering should be done late or early to avoid water loss due to evaporation.


It is essential to upgrade your old-school sprinklers to smart sprinklers, in order to do so you should inspect your garden on a regular basis. Look for checks, breaks or leaks to stay efficient. Keep tabs on the water bill and do a visual check on a regular basis to make sure that you’re not the victim of water pouring irrigation fail.


The water scarcity problem exists almost everywhere, a lot of communities outside are trying to bring smart technology to save every drop of water. Alexa by Amazon gives great tips on saving water and effectual gardening. It helps in giving you detailed weather information and reminding you when to water your plants. Further several communities around you offer rebates to remove lawn and to purchase smart controllers. Therefore tap into these communities to gather as much information as you can to get most of every drop of water.

The smart sprinklers of modern times are not just very easy to use but are resourceful too. They take care of the temperature, soil, and type of plants in your garden. Smart watering helps your garden grow like you never imagine. Try these water saving tips and make every drop count.

20 Feb 2019

Practical Ways To Get Rid Of Moles From Your Lawn

Listed below are some of the steps you can take to eliminate the existence of moles on your lawn.


Seek Out Their Active Tunnel

The very first step that you would have to initiate on your part is to find out the tunnel that the moles use. Locating this molehill is imperative on your road to cutting off the source of the problem. Once you do so, you must cover the molehill with mud or other such components in order to use it as a sealant and leave it for about a day or two. After that period of time, if you see that the molehill has been uncovered from the sealant, you can be assured of the fact that there are moles existing on your lawn and you can determine methods of getting rid of them following this discovery. Locating this tunnel which the moles use to get access to the lawn as well as to the other surrounding areas on your residential premises is crucial so that you know the exact place you have to target the extermination at.


Spray Gas In The Tunnel

Even though gas sprays prerequisite a certain level of expertise, you could use this gas in order to suffocate the moles living inside the tunnel that you have located on your lawn. Keep in mind that it is always better if you hire the services of a professional exterminator instead of doing this on your own; however, it must be mentioned that it is not impossible to handle this step on your own. You can use a gas spray or even a smoke bomb and place it at the opening of the tunnel. This will lead to them getting suffocated inside the tunnel due to the gas or the smoke. Nevertheless, be certain that you are not using any component that turns poisonous upon coming in contact with water as it will gravely affect any foliage surrounding the tunnel that you are targeting. Furthermore, take extra care and attention to make sure that there is no adverse exposure to the gas, especially if you have pets or children at home, as this could render them sick very easily.


Call Pest Control Experts For Help

Even though there is a spectrum of home remedies and other steps that you can take on your own, chances are that they will not work as well as the professional services that are offered by pest control experts. These professionals have the training and the competence to handle issues like this on the daily, and thus have more experienced in this field and they would know how to diagnose a problem and come up with a solution in the shortest amount of time possible, thereby economizing your time as well as your money. In this manner, you would also get rid of the problem sooner, not letting it become an impediment to your life for long.


If you are in need of professional lawn irrigation experts in the Toronto area, you can solicit the services of Pro Green Irrigation.


12 Nov 2018

How to Choose the Best Garden Watering Systems

A proper irrigation system is vital to help your plants flourish, as well as, to save water. However, hand-watering gardens, flower beds, and lawns can be a hassle and a time-consuming task.

Maintaining your garden can be more tiresome if you have a busy schedule because dragging hoses, moving sprinklers around, and watering each plant takes time. To avoid such hassles, it is best to incorporate the latest irrigation system for your landscape to make your life easier. Moreover, if you’re also concerned about the efficient use of water, it makes sense to incorporate water-saving strategies into your landscape plan.

The new innovative watering systems make it easy to give plants the consistent moisture they need, in addition to saving water. These efficient garden watering systems ensures your peace of mind in all seasons, without the need for hoses or sprinklers to move around. Moreover, some customizable systems allow you to add a timer so that your garden will water itself.

The watering methods which work well for a landscape somewhat depend on planting arrangement and crop type. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best irrigation system for your gardens.

Soaker Hoses and Drip Irrigation Systems

One of the best irrigation systems is the Drip Soaker Hose System which works especially well for closely spaced crops and intensively planted beds. This system makes use of a soaker hose to provide slow and deep watering to the plants. It is perfect for watering foundation plantings and multiple garden beds.

Drip irrigation systems apply water at the root zone and distribute water at regular intervals through a network of hoses or tapes with slits, pores, emitters or drippers. This type of irrigation is typically used for farms and commercial greenhouses, but now the professional drip irrigation is used for residential gardens as well. This system is a great option to conserve water because as compared to overhead watering, soaker hoses consumes around 80% less water. You can easily set up a watering system by alternating sections of soaker hose and a garden hose.

Thus, unlike surface and sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation slowly drips water to the roots of plants, so that only part of the soil in which the roots grow is wetted. This is best suited for rows of crops spaced at varying intervals and for properly leveled ground.

In-Ground Sprinkler Systems

Creating a flawless and splendid garden takes lots of time and efforts. If you want to maintain your lawn all the year round without putting much effort, think about installing a proper sprinkler system to save your time, as well as, money.

To water larger areas, like ground covers and perennial plantings, an in-ground irrigation system is the best option which ensures that the right kind of head delivers the appropriate amount of water. However, it is important here to plan your landscape project properly by organizing plants according to low, moderate and high water use. This is done to make sure that the spray heads are installed in a zone with plants of similar watering needs.

You can have a customizable system with sturdy sprinklers. The system will include built-in ground spikes. The 180° sprinklers are used to water half-circles, while 360° sprinklers are designed to water full circles. Since the watering needs are different for perennials and shrub beds, it is necessary to have separate grids for them. Moreover, you can add a timer, so that it will do the job even when you’re not around.

The best feature of this system is the rain sensor which automatically turns off sprinklers when it rains or adjusts the settings according to the weather. Although a drip irrigation system is recommended for perennials and shrubs, sprinklers are more suited for flower beds and lawns.

So, now having a breathtaking garden is no more a dream. All you need to do is to install an efficient Sprinkler or Drip Irrigation System to save your time, efforts, and money.