Low Voltage (12 Volt) Landscape Lighting – Advantages

  • Greater placement flexibility as landscape matures, allows for easy movement of fixtures
  • Concealable, smaller fixtures can be easily hidden within the landscape
  • Less disruption of plant material during installation
  • Greater safety around water features
  • Direct burial wire means no need to bury fixture or supply cable
  • Pinpoint accuracy of light sources
  • Energy efficient – more light per watt

Low Voltage – Disadvantages

  • Initial costs more expensive for material & transformer required

Line Voltage (120 Volt) – Advantages

  • Initial material costs a little lower
  • Inexpensive lamps
  • Potential access of more power

Line Voltage – Disadvantages

  • Higher operational costs over time
  • Must trench and install wire in conduits 18”-24” below ground for protection
  • Any repairs of wire expensive/difficult
  • Disruption of plant material during installation
  • Expensive to move or relocate fixtures as landscape matures
  • A junction box required for each fixture
  • Glare is produced due to lamp construction
  • Less controllable light source