With Pro Green Irrigation, you may enter a world where verdant lawns and exquisitely illuminated landscapes are more than just a fantasy. We are more than an irrigation firm; we are your allies in making your backyard a lush, lively sanctuary right here in the middle of Toronto through our automatic lawn irrigation system.

The Top Reasons to Choose Pro Green Irrigation

Water and Verdant Symphony: Imagine your garden flourishing during the scorching Toronto summers. From state-of-the-art drip irrigation systems to sophisticated lawn sprinklers, Pro Green Irrigation has you covered. Our items are essential for the flourishing of your garden; they are more than just tools.

Crafted with Care: We value the unique history of each lawn and are happy to hear it. To make sure that your grass gets the care it needs, our selection of sprinkler heads and nozzles is more than simply equipment; it’s a tailored solution. By utilising our intelligent controls and timers, you are able to do more than simply water your garden; you are nourishing it at the exact moment it needs it.

The Benefits of Pro Green Irrigation: A Guarantee of Superior Results

Water Wisely: Master the skill of water conservation. Reducing waste while maximising growth is the goal of our systems with our automatic lawn irrigation system. By doing your part to reduce water use, you are helping to create a greener Toronto.

Let your irrigation system change with the weather in Toronto with the help of weather-adaptive technology. Your lawn will always be adequately watered with our weather-responsive systems, no matter what the weather throws at it.

Designed to Fit Your Specific Outdoor Space: Because your environment is one of a kind, the watering system you use should also be customised. The irrigation systems that our professionals design and install are works of art, tailored to the specific history of each property.

The Value of Your Time: Free up some of your schedule by letting our automated systems take care of watering. Just think of how much more relaxing your nights and weekends will be without having to water your lawn by hand, all while it stays green and welcoming all year round with our automatic lawn irrigation system.


Try Pro Green Irrigation and see the difference for yourself. Come with me as I take you on a trip to make your backyard an eco-friendly, functional masterpiece. Get in touch with Pro Green Irrigation immediately for a more verdant and attractive future.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems & Inground Sprinkler System Toronto

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irrigation_44Our full-time automatic sprinkler system installation crews install both lawn sprinklers toronto and landscape lighting systems. Our trained professionals will come to your property, analyze your needs, and give you a free estimate which is guaranteed to remain as quoted. When you decide to proceed, we’ll take care of all of the details, including calls to utilities before we dig. Our professional pipe pulling machines allow for the “trenchless” installation of sprinkler pipe, leaving your property looking as good as new in no time.

And rest assured, when the job is done we’ll spend as much time as you need to be comfortable with your new system.


irrigation-maintenancePro Green Irrigation’s full-time service crew offers a complete range of services to keep your system working properly long after the installation is finished.

With our fully stocked radio dispatched vehicles, any type of service required can be handled quickly and professionally.

Automatic Lawn Irrigation System

There are two main types of services required for lawn sprinkler systems Toronto:

• A Spring Start-up

involves the annual opening of the system. We check the main valves, turn on the main water, set the timer, change the battery backup, and adjust the sprinkler heads.

• A Fall Blow-out

usually sometime between September and November — involves flushing out water with compressed air so the pipes don’t freeze.

Have an existing lawn sprinkler system?

Pro Green Irrigation may also be able to service other types of existing systems including fully automatic lawn irrigation systems, inground sprinkler system, garden watering systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Lawn Irrigation Systems

1. How does an automatic lawn irrigation system work?

User controls programming of the system from a control panel. Nevertheless, there are some of the valves that are to be opened when the system is put on, and the water goes through underground pipes to the sprinkler heads that are all over the lawn. Sensors may be placed for the water modification on the basis of rain and soil moisture, thus increasing water use efficiency.

2. What are the benefits of using an automated lawn watering system?
Installing an automatic system offers several benefits such as:

Efficiency: This system uses less water making it water efficient because there is very water wastage and reduced water bills are incurred.
Convenience: The system waters your lawn itself, and therefore, you do not need to water it manually.
Healthier Lawn: Proper watering also makes the lawns and gardens greener and healthier.
Time-Saving: Rather than watering the lawn by hand – Frees time for other activities.

3. Does an automatic irrigation system cost less?
In fact, the automatic system minimizes wastage of water by supplying water right where it is needed and at the right time and is expected to reduce your water bill. Another benefit is that it keeps the landscape in a good shape, thus, avoiding costs involved in replacing plants and repairing lawns over time.

4. Can the automatic lawn irrigation system be customized to suit the characteristics of my garden?
Absolutely. Systems are designed depending on the size, shape, and type of the lawn and garden areas that you have. Areas are developed with the proper sprinkler heads or nozzles so that each area to get the correct amount of water.

5. What are the ways of maintaining an automatic lawn irrigation system?
The activities of the scheduled maintenance include leak-checking, sprinkler-head cleaning, and settings adjustment for seasonal variations. Many companies offer system maintenance service, or you can learn to do the tasks by yourself to keep your system in good condition.

6. What do I begin with in the installation of an automatic lawn irrigation system in my home?
In the first place, consult an irrigation professional supplier. They will assess your property, discuss your needs, and develop a design that suits your landscape perfectly. The installation is usually both a system design configuration process, laying of the trenches for pipes and setting the control system.



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