03 Jun 2016

Put Away the Hose – Benefits of Automatic Irrigation

According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA around 30% of residential water usage is invested for outdoor usage. More than half of that percentage is put towards hydrating lawns and gardens, the act of which is summed up as irrigation. Now, there is a huge chance you’re doing it wrong, which means you’re wasting a precious resource, your money and in the end it’s definitely not doing your plant life any good. So let’s save the fish, keep those bills in your wallet and satisfy your plant life with a professionally installed sprinkler system installed by a certified irrigation contractor.


06 Mar 2021

Should you opt for an automatic irrigation system for your lawn?

Do you like big, lush, and green lawns? Well, then you must be aware of the massive amount of work they require for maintenance. If you have a big lawn taking out the hose and watering it every day wouldn’t be that efficient. It is easy to overwater some, others too little, or maybe just in the wrong way.

Hiring a gardener would be harsh on your pockets; you would have to pay him every day, and even then, you can’t be sure that he does the entire work perfectly.

Automaticirrigation systems can be the solution to this problem for you. These systems have multiple benefits ranging from cost-saving to efficiency in work. Also, irrigation systems must have a big lawn as manual work won’t be possible. Here are some benefits of getting an automatic irrigation system:

Irrigation systems save water.

  • Automatic irrigation systems or sprinklers water according to the needs of particular areas after the assessment. They also cut out the problem of turning them on or off.
  • Many smart irrigation systems are equipped with sensors that can sense the rainfall, duration, and amount and alter the water supply.
  • Manual watering often leads to over-watering the plants leading to wastage of water.


Sprinkler systems save your time and energy as they are designed to replace the need for manual work. Even if you have a busy work life but would love to come home to a lush, green lawn, these automatic systems would help you achieve that.

Prevent weeds

Weeds grow in lawn areas where there is an unnecessary water supply. Automatic sprinkler systems direct the water only where it is required minimizing weed growth and hindering the look of your lawn.

Save Money

Irrigation systems save money as their assessment and water output are optimized to the needs of your lawn. The lesser the wastage of resources, the lesser your expenses would be. Also, these systems are available in different cost ranges and can be settled according to your budget. You can even get quotes to get an idea about the cost considerations.

Aesthetic benefits

Lawns with dead or dried-up plants directly affect your home’s aesthetic and even your house value. An irrigation system provides regulated and regular water supply to your plants, promoting their healthy growth, increasing the appeal of your home to everyone who would pass by it.

Optimal plant growth

Regular and optimal water supply to plants is instrumental in their growth and ensuring their health is in top shape. It also helps increase the yield of fruit-bearing plants by optimizing the supply according to the growth stage.


All of the benefits stated stress the importance of having an automated sprinkler system for your lawn and the ways in which it would make your life much more comfortable.

It would be an investment rather than just an expense as it would add to the allure of your home by providing that lawn of your dreams and make it even a more pleasant experience to come home.


05 Feb 2021

Benefits of Landscape Lighting for your Home

Homeowners with an incredible landscape tend to spend a fortune on its management. Whether it is doing the lawn or setting up a garden area, it takes an uphill battle to design such fancy spaces. Naturally, flaunting the outdoor space becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, dim lighting can destroy this scenic view at night for all your beholders and render your outdoor landscape in vain.

Landscape lighting is thus a life-saver for when you have a fancy space to flaunt. It can also come to your rescue when you want to increase the security outdoors. However, there are many other incredible benefits to offer.

So, let us help you discover the best benefits of landscape lighting for your home.


Why landscape lighting? 

Landscape lighting today has many roles to play outdoors for your home. Since we spend so much money in building a fine home for ourselves, it is important to be able to maintain it properly. Although it is easy to do it during the daytime, it becomes tough to manage at night. That is when landscape lighting comes to action.

Let us find out the best benefits of such lighting for your home!

  1. Promotes home safety 

In the dark, it becomes difficult to detect anyone who is trying to hop into your home. As a result, theft and robbery can become daunting to stop in such cases. That is why landscape lighting can work as a saviour when you want to avoid such unforeseen circumstances. So, if you have children and other family members at home, you can remain stress-free and sleep tight. Landscape lighting increases the lighting in pathways, and also makes it easier to walk or run without causing accidents.

  1. Increases the beauty of your home 

Landscape lighting can work like magic in increasing the overall beauty of your home. If you install lights in the right corners of your personal space, you are sure to attract many beholders who will love the outdoor look. They will make sure to illuminate your home well and increase your status in the neighbourhood as well. But that is not all. Such lighting also enhances the curb appeal of all your beautiful outdoor corners that you want to flaunt even at night.

  1. Offers comfort and space 

With hands-down landscape lighting, you can also manage to relax outdoors in the evenings and enjoy quality time with family. Thus, you can make full use of your outdoor space without worrying about failing to see things clearly in the dark. Such a thing can also render utmost convenience to those who love taking walks in the evenings. Moreover, with such a facility, you can also make use of your outdoor space even at night.

  1. Increases the value of your home 

By installing landscape lighting, you let your home to be well-lit and look like a palace of dreams even at night. As a result, your neighbours will love the new look of your home and begin to talk about it everywhere. Such a thing will automatically increase your home’s overall value and reputation. It will also make people stop and stare like never before. So, your home is sure to stand out like no other.


The bottom line 

Landscape lighting is one of the best ways to ensure your home’s safety and increase its value. There are many other exceptional benefits that it has to offer. So, if you are interested in adding landscape lighting to your home’s outdoor space, do not hesitate. Look for a hands-down company today that can offer such standout services.



08 Jan 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Irrigating Your Lawn?

Every homeowner wishes to have a lush, sprawling lawn in front of their house. A lawn can serve many purposes in addition to simple looking good and improving the visual appeal. To maintain a lawn, one needs to devote a considerable time in its upkeep, which involves watering the lawn, weeding out the unwanted growth and trimming the lawn regularly. Among these, watering the lawn adequately is one thing that can sometimes become extremely tedious, because one requires standing under the sun for hours. Not to mention, when you manually water your lawn, you waste a lot of water, so you can be assured that your water bill will not go easy on you.

A home irrigation system can significantly help you in reducing water wastage and getting a more reasonable water bill. You may think installing these will be expensive, but in the long run, they do prove to be very cost effective. Read on to know more about why you should install a home irrigation system, for your lawn.

  1. It is cost effective.

Sprinklers used in home irrigation systems are designed to let out only the required amount of water according to the size and area of your lawn. This will reduce water wastage and therefore, your water bill as well. The sprinklers can be adjusted to let out the correct amount of water as well, so you can get a lush green lawn without fears of over-watering.

  1. It is environmentally viable.

Because home irrigation systems waste much less water than manual methods, they are also environmentally friendly. For example, these systems can be adjusted to sprinkle more water during summer and lesser during winter, but in case you are doing it manually, you cannot really adjust the changes in water level on your own for different seasons.

  1. It increases the value of your home.

A lush green lawn will look beautiful outside your home, and if it is equipped with a home irrigation system, that will make it ten times more attractive to potential buyers. This will ensure that you get a high return on your investment if you plan to sell your house later, which will definitely cover up the expenses you had to incur while installing the system.

  1. It helps in preserving valuable soil nutrients.

Soil nutrients can get washed away by over watering; leaving the soil barren and this will eventually lead to a reduction in the green cover. Sprinklers will always ensure they only sprinkle the right amount of water and will thus preserve soil nutrients and the top soil from being washed away.

  1. It is simply convenient.

If you have a big lawn, it is not practical to water it every day on your own. Having a home irrigation system will help your lawn look flawless even when you are away from home, since the sprinklers are optimised to work at regular intervals. The convenience that comes with installing these far outweighs the initial price of the installation.

24 Nov 2020

Irrigation Water Management Tips for the Golf Course Superintendent

A well-maintained golf course, whether or not it is the season of the sport, entails the implementation of suitable and regular irrigation methodologies to keep the turf appropriate and ready. Turf health is directly affected by the source of irrigation and the system of delivery. There are a number of ways to maintain these details, such as the amount of water prerequisite for the irrigation, for instance. On the other hand, there are several other strategies that can be put in place to improve and aid in the upkeep of turf health and to make sure that the sources of water are kept in the best state as well.

Listed below are a few tips for irrigation water management for the golf course.

Audit the Irrigation System

Be certain to carry out a regular examination of the terrain of the golf course to inspect and identify the areas that need more attention and repairs. This would correlate to the enhancement of the efficacy of your irrigation water supply system. When examining, include all the documentation details and repairs pertaining to any operational malfunctioning of the irrigation heads, verification of the average output of the irrigation supply system, and any further improvements required for the dry or damp areas, which can be achieved by the regulation of the application time in these areas. Moreover, you must also look into the quality of the water being supplied routinely by collecting and inspecting samples and making any necessary changes corresponding to that data.
A proper irrigation application is marked by a scheduled irrigation. There is a possibility that tournaments, golf outings, or a play might be impeded due to this application. Nevertheless, it must remain your priority to stick to a fixed schedule to ensure the best upkeep of the terrain.

Lake Volume

It is advisable to have an approximate understanding of the lake volume so that the turf manager is competent to settle down on the amount of available irrigation water. For this purpose, a water measurement appliance could be deployed, which could further be amalgamated with the bathymetric data to arrive at the water availability data regardless of the climate. This data can also be combined and tallied with the results of the audit to structure the correct application amounts, while simultaneously having an indication of the amount of water that is left for the applications in the future.

Fertilizer and Pesticide

The turf manager needs to be conscientious of the right fertilizer and pesticide to applied onto the surface, both theoretically, and as a matter of practice. This is the reason why professional qualifications are favourable for a turf manager, as they would be aware of the chemicals and the corresponding reactions of the turf to them. A correctly fertilized turf would be functional all year round, even when the growing conditions are in swing. Nevertheless, over fertilization could hamper the health of the soil by necessitating too much water. On the contrary, under fertilization would engender the incapacitated of the plants to absorb nutrients from the soil. Apart from that, pesticides, inclusive of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are also responsible for maintaining the health of the turf. With this too, the amount of water applied has to be optimally regulated to ensure that the plants are able to absorb all the nutrients.


If you would like to know more about these techniques, Pro Green Irrigation Services, based in Toronto, Canada, would be of great assistance for any consultancy or inspection regarding irrigation water management in the golf course.


04 Nov 2020

Three Warning Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Attention!

The exterior of your house contributes about fifty per cent to your home’s value. Whether it’s your backyard or outdoor living space, keeping it up to date should be on your priority list. Adding a sprinkler system or a smart irrigation system can serve most of the needs of your plants, trees, shrubs and soil.

Sprinkler systems can be your escape route from the daily duties of watering your plants accurately. If your garden has an existing sprinkler system, then you should not overlook it for too long. It might need some maintenance and repairs to work efficiently.

Incorporating some modernized feature, updating the equipment and adjusting the sprinkler pressure can improve its overall performance. But most people are not aware of how to spot whether their sprinklers are screaming for help? There might be a need for a repair or installation of a new sprinkler system. So, today we are sharing some of the most common warning signs that you should not neglect.

Lack of Maintenance- Many homeowners skip the routine maintenance of their irrigation system. Since the system is placed in your landscaping, it is exposed to many environmental factors. However, with time, these environmental factors and intrusion of critters can cause wear and tear in your sprinkler system. For instance, heavy storms can make debris block the openings of the sprinkler, rodents can break the wiring and connections, and the water pressure can fall with time.

If pest infestation is your major problem, then go for adding elements that can deter intruders from entering your garden and damaging your irrigation system. Besides, you must clean the nozzles of the sprinkler and other parts and inspect for upgradations. A weekly check-up and cleanliness routine can save you from spending on repairs. Keep that in mind!

Sprinkler Malfunction- You may experience that your plants are not receiving enough water for them to survive or there could be pale patches of grass in your garden. Another thing that can help you figure out that something is wrong with your sprinkler system is when most of the water doesn’t reaches your garden and is absorbed by the concrete. The most common things homeowners usually face is the increment in their water bills and the poor condition of their yard.

The sprinkler malfunction could include broken and damaged sprinkler pipes and wiring, clogged nozzles, water leaks, damaged time controller and backflow vulnerability.

If you are facing any such trouble, it is in the best interest to seek professional help. It clearly shows that your sprinklers aren’t functioning well and they need expert sprinkler repair and maintenance services.

Incorrect Fitting- If you are facing issues with your sprinkler system during the time of its installation, then the fault is not in your sprinkler system but its installation. If you notice problems featuring low coverage, incorrect water pressure or wiring issues, then your technicians have not fitted your sprinkler systems accurately. It is time that you seek professional help and get your sprinklers fixed appropriately.

27 Sep 2020

How Are Sprinkler Systems Beneficial For Modern Homes

Sprinkler systems are very beneficial these days for the health and well-being of your lawn. Some people might think that sprinkler systems are expensive but in reality it is a one time investment with lifetime benefits and they are much affordable as well.

Specially when it comes to modern homes, sprinkler systems are a necessity because they are designed in a way to distribute the required amount of water to the grass and plants in order to keep them healthy.

Below given are some benefits of the sprinkler systems :

It saves your time :

  • Sprinkler systems are designed in a way to distribute the correct amount of water across your plants and grass. Also, they are automatic and don’t require any manual assistance.
  • These sprinkler systems automatically waters your lawn during the most appropriate time of the day. Hence you do not have to worry about watering your plants or grass because sprinkler systems will do the job very efficiently.
  • Having an inground sprinkler system installed in your house will save your time and money both. It will allow you to concentrate on other important activities and at the same time will ensure that your plants get watered timely.


It is very convenient :

  • Sprinkler systems are known to be very convenient because you do not have to pay attention to them all the time, in fact they will ensure that water is equally distributed across your whole lawn.
  • When you go out of the town for a long period of time there’s no one behind to take care of your lawn but with sprinkler systems you need not to worry about that because they are designed in a way to deliver water across your lawn during the right hour of the day.
  • Therefore, whenever you are out of town you can remain tension free because your plants are being properly taken care off.


Increases the value of your house :

  • Having an inground sprinkler system installed increases the value of your home. Since your plants and grass is under check daily and are properly maintained, it enhances the look of your house and adds beauty to it.
  • Even if you plan to sell your house in near future, having a sprinkler system will automatically increase the value of your home. Also, it will put a great impression on the potential buyer and he/she would easily agree to pay any amount for it.


It ensures the health of your plant :

  • In the presence of sprinkler systems your plants remain under check and are automatically watered when needed. This ensures the health and well-being of your plants.
  • Healthy plants add to the beauty of your lawn. Whenever someone visits your home seeing a wonderful and well maintained lawn puts a good first impression.
  • Also, keeping your plants in good health and condition is very important because that is what makes your lawn appear good. Having an inground sprinkler system installed will ensure timely water and needed nutrients to your plants.
27 Jul 2020

A Quick Guide to Design a Fine Home Garden

So, you watched a garden makeover on TV and now designing one for your home. Well, those professionals do make the entire process look easy, but once you start prepping, there might be challenges you may not be able to overcome.

Not to worry! There is nothing that has to overwhelm you. Just steer away from elements that can over-complicate the space and instead focus on a single and homogenous design – you can soon see everything falling in its place.

A properly maintained garden can then be a favorite place for your family, kids, and even pets to enjoy summer evenings and make a commendable contribution in adding to the value of your home.

However, before you run out to buy a bunch of plants, we would like to bring a few factors in your notice that are essential to understand and avoid the mistakes which most novice gardeners make. Here have a look:

  1. Size of the Garden. You may not have to be precise here, but a little approximation is vital to decide how many plants and shrubs will appear good without looking like a jungle.
  2. Weather Conditions. The direction or location of the area impacts the amount of sunlight and wind it will receive. The placement of other large trees nearby also plays a crucial role.
  3. Proximity to the House. The distance of the garden from the house and its visibility from the street can be an important deciding factor for the kind of design you choose.
  4. Soil Type. It can vary from place to place, and the plants you see on your neighborhood’s property may not work on yours. So, take a sample to the nursery to have it tested properly.
  5. Moisture Content. Different areas in your garden can have different humidity level. Some spots may collect more water than others and become moister. Thus, inspect that beforehand.

Once, you understand these aspects; start your designing process with the following lawn professional tips in mind –

  • Think about how you want to use the garden. Do you want to grow food or want a place to entertain and relax? Picture yourself in your future outdoor space and list down the must-have elements.
  • Plan an evergreen planting. To punctuate the aesthetics of your garden, opt for small shrubs, large trees, and colorful flowering plants that bloom and remain healthy all year long. Pick a variety of heights for a harmonious effect.
  • Use the grouping method. The larger grouping of plants appears restful to eyes. So, instead of one or two large numbers of plants, use more (maximum up to five to six) to enjoy better cohesiveness and coordination.
  • Add wide pavements. The way your paving is styled and laid can create a strong direction. Also, a wider pathway is crucial to make up for comfortable passages. Thus, keep it no less than five feet, or else it can restrict the movement.
  • Accentuate with lighting. You must envision how and when you want to use your outdoor spaces, and use landscape lighting That will assure you safety during the dark hours and also amp up the appearance of your garden.
05 Jul 2020

Landscape Lighting Tips For Beginners

By installing a landscape lighting system to the exterior of your house can enhance the beauty and appeal of your house. But before planning on a landscape lighting you must keep certain things in your mind like know the outer areas of your house you want to light, choose the right lighting techniques and look for the fixtures and accessories to obtain the desired effect.

There are many types of landscape lighting. Some of them are as follows :

  • Box shape : These lighting designs directly focus on light beams and cut off the glare in order to save the lamp and socket from moisture.
  • Wall bracket : They are designed as to be mounted on the entry doors. Their lantern style design casts the light outward in a direct or diffused manner.
  • Post lights : These lights cater to driveways, pools, steps or garden walking areas highlighting that particular area and enhancing the look of it.
  • Well light or in – ground : They are used for lighting trees and shrubs and are also used for grazing of textured walls.

Therefore, it is very important to select the right kind of lighting that suits your landscape in order to make it attractive and appealing. Because that will enhance the beauty of your house.


Below stated are some landscape lighting tips for beginners:

  • Observe the exterior of your house : The first step is to observe the exterior of your house and select which areas need lighting. This will give you a basic idea about your house and will allow you to select the best lighting. Without looking around your house you won’t be able to make out about the areas which need lighting and you won’t be able to judge its look after landscape lighting is installed.
  • Decide the subject : You need to decide what basically you want to highlight in your design. Whether it is the landscape of your house, particular trees and shrubs, any fountain or the courtyard, you need to pick a particular subject. Mostly the lighting is done to the exterior of the house in order to enhance its outlook.
  • Select the light : It is very important to select the right kind of lighting for your house in order for it to suit the environment. If you end up selecting the wrong lighting then you won’t receive the desired results. The primary choices for landscape lighting are flood lights, spotlights and path lights or even a combination of all three depending upon how you want your exterior house to look. Then after that you have to choose between LED, halogen or fluorescent lighting again depending upon the subject you want to decorate.
  • Picking the right company for the job : Another essential decision is to select the right company for this work. Selection should be done on the basis of the company’s reputation, experience, client review and expertise. If you end up picking the wrong company then you won’t receive the results as per your expectations. But the right company will properly study your house and work according to your preferences which will lead to desired results.
08 Apr 2020

Tips to Keep Your Garden Greener

How greener does your garden look? People are fond of having a beautiful backyard or landscaping, but when it comes to taking care of it, they suddenly become lethargic. Even if you are an intrepid landscape designer earnestly shaping topiaries and taking care of shrubs, you can still end up with an unhealthy garden due to lack of knowledge.

We would suggest people to not go harsh on their gardening plans, incorporating minimal things can add a lot to a healthy garden. The simplest jobs may involve using the right fertilizers, planting seasonal flowers, keeping them hydrated by using water irrigation systems and recycling the compost.

Here are some tips that will help you create a greener and healthier garden-


1) Keep the things real- 

Mother nature doesn’t need to rely on chemical concoctions of pesticides, weed killers, and chemical fertilizers to keep it healthy. Going for all-natural mixtures and compost can do the most of it and using the beneficial insect reinforcements to fight pesky backyard pests to the ground is all that’s needed.


2) Scrutinize plants before buying- 

The easiest way to get rid of disease damaged plants is to avoid introducing them into your space. Therefore, whenever you are plant-shopping, keep a magazine or your smartphone handy to search about it and to examine the areas that reveal whether a plant is disease-free or not?

If due to lack of awareness, you bring a diseased plant in your garden, it will soon damage the other species too, and you will be left with a dead garden.


3) Create compost from kitchen scrap-

Instead of throwing the kitchen scrap into the landfills, use it for your kitchen. Compost is known as the “gardener’s gold.” that enriches the soil and elevates the fertility by powering the plant-loving nutrients. Apart from stimulating the healthy root development, it enhances soil texture, aeration, and water retention.


4) Use easy watering techniques-

Adopting smart watering habits will help you save water and provide the most to your plants, especially during summers. Installing inground sprinkler systems is one of the efficient ways of watering your plants and saving water. They can sprinkle water, covering every area of the garden. Adding mulch and composite will help retain the water and protect it from evaporation.


5) Harvest rainwater-

Tap water contains some percentage of chlorine that affects plants. Therefore, counting on rainwater is another way to water your plants since the rain barrel is an inexpensive and effortless way to gather water full of minerals. By collecting this water, you will not only save tap water, hydrate your plants but can prevent runoffs causing clogs in the downspout and gutters.


6) Don’t crowd the garden-

Overcrowding plants can trap moisture and leads to the formation of mildew affecting plants. Improving airflow around your plants can reduce high humid conditions and allows foliage to dry more quickly. Overcrowded plants tend to grow poorly due to lack of soil, sunlight and airflow. Therefore, always choose seasonal plants and flowers to grow in your garden and place them keeping gaps.


06 Apr 2020

Weekly Lawn Maintenance: Tips by a Pro

People who have gardens in their home want it to look green and healthy throughout the year. Homeowners wish to have a beautiful and well-maintained lawn that makes them feel relaxed. But because of the hectic schedule, most of the people don’t have enough time to look after their garden. But, it is highly advised to follow a weekly schedule if you want to have a lush green garden. You need to take care of your lawn like a baby if you want it to look fresh, and charming.


Before moving towards the tips, let us see why weekly lawn maintenance is recommended by the experts.


The major advantages of lawn maintenance are

  • You have strong and healthy grass in the lawn.
  • The grass and plants recover at a fast pace from diseases.
  • Your garden will look like a professionally maintained yard.
  • Plants and grass will grow evenly.
  • The curb appeal of the exterior of your home will enhance.


To keep a check on your lawn, you can perform the following activities as per your convenience, once in a week.


  1. Fertilizing –For the overall development of plants in your garden, fertilization is extremely important. Learn which type of fertilizer should be used depending upon the season. Make it a habit of checking your plants every weekend. See if they are getting essential nutrients or not and apply manures as and when required.


  1. Watering – To promote the root growth, it is crucial to ensure that the garden gets required water regularly. You can even install irrigation systems to eliminate manual watering. The built-in sensors in sprinkler systems water the lawn on time and in the right amount. They are extremely advantageous as they save the water from being wasted. Therefore, if you don’t have an irrigation system, get it installed by lawn sprinkler professionals.


  1. Mowing –It is an important lawn maintenance task to keep the grass in good condition. Mowing depends on the type of grass and season. However, mowing once in a week is enough to keep the garden healthy.


  1. Edging – This task is done right after mowing, and it is essential to keep the lawn green and healthy. Also, you will require an edge trimmer to get a perfect finish.


  1. Weed Control – Weed is a common problem of any lawn. Thus, weeds need to be eliminated from the garden before they consume water and all the nutrients from your plants. To avoid weeds, make sure that the lawn is fertilized and watered after regular intervals and once in a week. However, if you find weeds in your garden, get rid of them immediately.


  1. Damage Repair – If you have kids and pets at home, then your garden must be facing heavy foot traffic. So, repairing the damaged part is crucial if you want your garden to look green. If necessary, sprinkle seeds and fill up the patches formed.