When making large improvements in your house, one of the most important considerations is whether they are worthwhile. You want to ensure that the return on value or convenience outweighs the initial investment.


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How a Sprinkler System Increases the Value of Your Home

For starters, if your sprinkler system is not improperly installed, your home’s value will suffer. Furthermore, a defective system would most likely leak into your yard or necessitate frequent and costly maintenance. A fully functional, professionally installed sprinkler system, on the other hand, can increase the value of your property in more ways than one.


Visual Attraction

When visitors or potential purchasers view your property for the first time, a green lawn makes it seem and feel nicer. Furthermore, having a sprinkler system already installed is a tremendous benefit for anyone considering to buy your property. Your entire property may appear old and neglected if it does not have a well-kept yard. While watering your lawn by hand can surely improve its appearance, it is far more difficult to protect your investment without an automatic sprinkler system.



A sprinkler system will minimize your monthly expenditures while keeping your lawn green by giving just the appropriate amount of water, consistently and evenly. When compared to manually watering, using a sprinkler system might potentially reduce your expense by one-third while keeping your yard greener.

Lawns require around one inch of water every week. Sensors in modern irrigation systems monitor water levels on your grass. They alter their water levels to ensure that water is evenly distributed throughout your grass. This takes the guesswork out of lawn watering, and you will never have to wonder if your grass is getting enough. You will also be able to program your sprinkler system to spray specific sections of your lawn more than others. This ensures that your grass receives enough water where it is normally dry but not too much water where it pools, reducing the risk of fungus growth.



If you are currently watering your grass with a hose, you have probably done a poor job at some point. It is inefficient to use a manual sprinkler hose attachment and then neglect to turn it off. When done manually, you may potentially overlook regions, resulting in brown or yellowing spots. You will not have to worry about wasting water or having inconsistent watering results with an underground irrigation system built by professionals.


Recognizing Lawn Zones

Your grass is divided into “lawn zones” by a watering system. The radius of water from the spray jets installed in your grass determines this. To completely cover your lawn with water, build your sprinkler system with overlapping zones. Your lawn will almost definitely have multiple lawn zones per yard. It is common to have 20 lawn zones, and it is not uncommon to need more. 


Sprinkler Spray Jets Explained

Spray jets spray water from the subterranean irrigation system. Pop-up spray jets are now used in the majority of systems. These are unobtrusive and will not be damaged by lawn traffic or mowing.

A basic lawn with only grass will have a conventional pop-up head with a big spray radius for the best coverage. High-rise heads are required for optimal coverage in landscaping zones with shrubs and ground cover. Instead, flower and vegetable zones can be outfitted with bubblers and tiny spray heads. These are designed to water plants softly and not harm edible plants or knock flower petals off. The valve manifold controls the sprinkler system. This is how you control the amount of water that travels where and when. The manifold should be installed in a hidden area in your lawn near the water supply line.


Sprinkler System Installation: Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional

Professional installation guarantees that there are no loose or leaking elements in your irrigation system. Professional systems also use innovative technology to monitor the water levels in your yard. You will be able to set up a steady watering plan, allowing you to water your lawn even when you are away on business or vacation.


It is best to have your sprinkler system installed by a professional for the best results.