Colourful gardens, freshly cut grass, curvy walkways, a flat driveway; all these details contribute to how people will value your property in regards to aesthetics. A notable aesthetically pleasing feature, that is often undervalued, is landscaping lighting. Bringing in proper lighting to your property will bring a heighten security for both those residing in the home, neighbours and those passing by at night. It allows you to get creative in allowing that colourful garden or stonework to pop 24/7. Finally, landscape lighting allows you and your fellow patrons to enjoy the outdoors well past sunset, and if done properly, the lighting can be tailored to how you see your perfect evening. There is so much more that you can do with your landscaping lighting then most realize.

Landscape lighting can become so much more than simply blanketing whole swaths of your front or back lawn with light. With such a variety of products that offer different ways to encapsulate the light which can set for various angulations, functions and appeal. You are able to customize and tailor your lighting to your needs, wants and the various situations that all of us will find in our very different yards. Lighting can bring out your colourful plant life with accent lighting, your curvy brickwork for the walkway with path finding lights and even the home with house mounted lighting. Committing the time for both research and installation is lengthy, if you want a power efficient system, the best lighting products for each job and not have any visible cables for both you and your visitors to trip on; it comes highly recommended to have it done right the first time with an experienced contractor.

The most popular form of lighting one’s yard is one where the source of the light comes from a low level light which are called path lights.  These lights shine downward to illuminate paths, walkways, and gardens allowing you and your guests to walk with ease and comfort, and safety.  There is also lighting within the fascia around the walls of the home that illuminates the house and makes it pop, this form of lighting is also known as accent lighting.

Another consideration is the sort of light bulb you use, which makes a difference on cost-efficiency, life of the light bulb and the shade the light bulb provides. Currently LED bulbs or light emitting diodes, are well on their way to taking over the illumination market. They’re far superior to their predecessors and have completely changed several other markets from television, computers and advertising. Now this is due to their heat efficiency, power-savings, life-expectancy and adaptability. There is a difference between the cheaper LEDS, as the higher the price tag the longer lasting the product. Check with on the bulbs used and check reviews.

Older, but still relevant, light bulbs include incandescent bulbs; it’s currently the most common and is the least expensive, with a short life-span and can be used with a dimmer. Another light bulb is halogen; they’re the closest thing to natural daylight, the colors do appear sharper with a halogen light bulb and the bulbs can be dimmed. Following the halogen is the fluorescent bulb which cannot be dimmed and is quite harsh but last longer than incandescent, and are usually used for large areas. Finally the compact fluorescent bulb which has a longer life-span than their non-compacted siblings and are used in smaller areas, all the lights mentioned have their outdoor counterparts and there are advantages to each.

So get creative, all the options are available to you for your garden or walkway setups as you can discuss with us the various ways you can manipulate the projection of light. So unleash your inner designer and get creative with streams of light on to your property.