Keeping family and valuables safe inside the home is the priority of every homeowner. With the increase in burglaries and crime rate, it is becoming even more important to have a safe and secured home. To help you make your home safer, we are here with some of the best tips.


  1. Keep doors secured – Doors of the home, especially the front doors, are the first thing that one should consider when talking about security. It has been found that approximately 34% of the burglars walk in through the front door. So, get all your exterior doors inspected, to ensure that the hinges are protected, and frames are strong. Also, if your door locks are not good enough to protect you, then get it replaced at the earliest.


  1. Lock the windows –The most common entry points for burglars are doors and windows. So, keep the windows locked, especially at night. Also, consider having windows and doors of tempered glass. And if your windows do not consist of tempered glass then consider updating it as soon as possible. It is because tempered glass does not break easily and thus is highly beneficial.


  1. Light up the landscape – Burglars only invade in those houses that are not lit up properly at night. It is because they don’t want to be in the spotlight. So, keep them away from your home with adequate lighting. Moreover, landscape lighting doesn’t only protect you from invaders but also enhance the beauty of your home.


  1. Secure the garage – If you have stored plenty of good stuff in your garage, then you need to secure your garage too. Moreover, the garage is becoming a popular entry point to your home among criminals. So, make sure that your garage door is secure and have a sound lock system. Never forget to lock the garage door after using it.


  1. Add security cameras – These days, security cameras are a necessity. If there is someone who is keeping an eye on your house or trying to invade, then everything will be recorded in the camera. Moreover, criminals stay away from places where cameras are installed.


  1. Eliminate hiding places – Trees and shrubs may enhance the curb appeal of your house, but they also act as a hiding place for burglars. So, trim them down so that no one can hide behind them. To beautify your home, use small and colorful flowers instead of bushes. In case you have trees near windows then remove them, and if you don’t want to do so, then make those windows extra secure.


Further, don’t keep things like ladders and stools outside your home. It is highly suggested to don’t place your expensive possessions in the yard, as they can provide an invitation to the thieves.