If you want your garden to dazzle with the landscape lighting without any issue, then you have to make sure that the lights are maintained well. Proper cleaning and maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your landscape lighting and keep the system functioning properly. While little maintenance is demanded, some tasks should be performed once or twice a year, or as required, to avoid more expensive repairs at a later stage.


Want to know some simple yet helpful outdoor lighting maintenance tips? Then continue reading!


#1. Keep a check on the outdoor wiring – Routine maintenance and checks are important to keep the wiring of your system in good condition. It is suggested to conduct a visual inspection of the wiring in and around your property. Walk around the perimeter and look for any exposed or damaged wires. If any potential hazard comes to your notice, call your landscape lighting company to make the needed repairs.


Don’t try DIY as it can prove to be dangerous to deal with the electrical system without any knowledge and expertise.


#2. Replace burnt lights and bulbs – After checking the condition of the electrical wiring, check all the lights installed in your lawn. If there are any burned or dim light bulbs, then make sure to replace them to have a well-lit garden at night.


#3. Check fixtures for damage – Don’t forget to check each of your outdoor lighting fixtures for broken lenses, corrosion, dented metal or other damage. If any issue is found, you may need to replace the damaged fixtures.


#4. Clean glass lenses – The landscape lighting system is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. So, you can expect the lenses of your lighting fixtures to be covered with dirt and debris. All this can ultimately reduce their appeal.


Thus, it is crucial to clean the glass lenses at least twice a year. A clean lens can give off more light for patios, decks and pathways and prevent slip and fall injuries.


#5. Cut unwanted plants and branches – Experts recommend cutting any back plants, trees or shrubs that are too close to the fixture, on the fixture or blocking the light. Removing these blocks will help avoid damage to your landscape lighting accessories, allow for proper lighting, and make it simpler to perform other cleaning and maintenance chores.


#6. Check and adjust the position of fixtures – Make sure that the fixtures are positioned correctly and are lightening the lawn as desired. Of course, your installer will have placed the fixtures rightly at the time of installation, but with time adjustments are needed. For example, ground fixtures may have been knocked by a lawnmower or knocked out of position by your dog. Furthermore, you may also have to arrange outdoor lights to accommodate your changing landscape.


From LED lights to fluorescent fixtures, there are plenty of options to keep the pathways and garden of your home or office well-lit and safe. Whatever type your lights and fixtures are, following the above given simple tips, you can keep the landscape lighting system in a well-maintained state and enhance the look of your property.