It is truly an understatement when it is said that we should be grateful for the times we live in. Contemporary living has gotten busier though, as it seems no one has time to spare. Well thanks to technology, the tedious tasks of the past are becoming less time consuming, one such task is proper irrigation. Maintaining the perfect lawn has never been easier, and now with the latest in automatic sprinkler systems it’s not only easy, it’s efficient. It wasn’t always this way, a lot of genius engineering has gone into irrigation techniques as this was tied to food production, and that was pivotal in the beginning of human civilization, and food production remains an ongoing challenge to this day.

Irrigation is believed to begin in both Egypt and a land known as Mesopotamia. During a certain period of time each year, a flooding would occur in both the Euphrates and Tigress rivers in Mesopotamia and the Nile in Egypt. The peoples who inhabited these lands have evolved from the old way of gathering food through migratory hunting and gathering, to the stationary nature of farming and agriculture. So with this overflow of water they would divert and direct it right to their crops. Sequentially the land along the Nile was recorded to be so rich in farmable land, that it’s easy to see why ancient Egypt was able to create one of the most world renowned ancient cultures. With these irrigation techniques, Egyptians and other civilizations had a surplus of food. This grants a civilization the ability to utilized a number of people in different ways, other than gathering food, think of artisans, philosophers, aristocrats, inventors, manufacturers, all the various jobs required to create a sophisticated society.

Irrigation has come a long way since ancient Egypt. Most of the automated technology that is in our front lawns today started taking shape in the 1800s, technology such as residential sprinklers and the nozzle for your watering hose. With the suburban boom really taking hold in the 1950s, the property value of these suburban properties came down to noticeable factors, one being the state of the lawn. This brought demand for healthy lawns, which drove a lot of the sprinkler system technology used in agriculture to be adapted for the smaller lawn spaces. Sprinklers such as one of the most recognized residential sprinklers, the oscillating sprinkler head which had a row of nozzles along a bow like tubing that would shift back and forth.

We’ve come a long way since the rocking 50s, an irrigation expert then couldn’t even fathom the way our lawns are managed now. All our daily chores are becoming less tedious and time consuming with the advent of more and more gadgets. Well the automatic sprinkler system is one of those gadgets; it’s making the task of monitoring your lawn obsolete.

With the automatic irrigation system, watering is done in a timely matter for efficient water usage and less run off.  Having  professional qualified irrigation technician setup up this automatic system and do the annual maintenance for that system will pay off in the long run. The maintenance will commence at the beginning of spring, with the systems back up batteries and configurations being checked and replace or corrected if necessary. The pipes are also checked for leakage and proper pressure, as well adjustments of the sprinkler heads for the correct coverage. At the end of the season the pipes must be blown out so they do not freeze during the winter months, this is done with compressed air. It cannot be stressed enough that these tasks are best done by professionals to avoid serious headaches. Ever had a frozen pipe burst, well it’s not fun.

So there’s no need to live in the past, modern irrigation methods make sense for the modern home and the busyness of contemporary living. So make the ancient farmer jealous, and setup your sprinkler system today with a professional qualified irrigation contractor, your time, money and even the environment  will thank you.