Do you want to have a blooming garden, but don’t have enough time on your hands? People who love the garden often complain that gardening takes a lot of their time. Anyone who has a busy working schedule will find it hard to devote time and effort needed for gardening. No matter what, if you want your plants to thrive, it is necessary to put little efforts. But, if you work smart, you can successfully create a beautiful and fuss-free garden.

Whether you’re a lazy or busy gardener, some smart tricks can save a lot of your gardening time. So, to save time, you need to first slow down and start the process methodically. If you begin setting up your garden in an organized manner, it will be worth it in the long run. A systematic, slow-go approach can save your time and efforts later.

With a full-time job and household responsibilities, mowing, trimming, and pruning may seem an overwhelming task. When you work smarter, not harder, it becomes possible to minimize your time in the garden. So, check out the following time-saving gardening tips that will spare you a lot of time.

Feeding and Weeding

If you want a garden that requires less water, fertilizer, and mowing, you need to work on the roots. By improving the soil quality, you can cut back on maintenance. The organic-based fertilizers and aerating help in enhancing the soil quality so that the grassroots go deeper and find their own water and nutrients. When you feed the soil with compost and other forms of organic matter, it can hold more water and nutrients, as well as prevent weeds.

Self-Watering Garden

One of the most important tasks is watering the plants. Although you can’t skip watering the lawn regularly, it’s possible to make it easier. ( If you live in a region with scanty rainfall, hosepipe bans, or you simply don’t have much time for watering, then planting drought-resistant varieties is one option. Another trick is mulching with organic material to prevent weed growth. The best option is installing automatic irrigation system. You can think of drip irrigation system which includes hose pipes and an automatic timer to keep your plants hydrated. An automatic system with a timer gives you peace of mind that your plants are getting water at the right time.

Mulch and Some More Mulch

Mulching is the best way to save your time on trimming and weeding. When you cover the soil with an organic mulch of compost or bark chips, it not only feeds the soil and suppresses weeds but also conserves moisture. This helps in reducing your watering time.

Get the Right Tools & Fertilizers

These days, some super cool gardening tools are available in the market. If you use the right tools, you can do things quickly and save a lot of time. Tools like a no kink hose are real time savers. Also, consider using fertilizers that have both pre-emergent and slow-release pellets so that one spring treatment is sufficient.