Your home is your biggest investment, and you would not like it to appear shabby to others. A poorly maintained exterior can create a bad impression on visitors and can land you in problems like blocked gutters, messy gardens that invite critters, growth of molds on walls and many more.

If you can’t spend a lot to renovate the exteriors, you can at least adopt some simple ways to make it look better and cleaner. Taking small steps towards home improvement can boost its value and curb appeal.

Here are some ways that can help you improve the exteriors of your house without much effort-


Add Greenery to Your House-

Plant some flowers and green plants to enhance the look of your house. If you do not own a garden, then use some planters and window boxes. You can hang plants around the edges of the entry points or windows. A single plant arrangement can add a lot to it.


Take Care of Your Lawn-

Keeping your lawn clean and adding some trendy features can create a beautiful look. It is not important to add expensive stuff to your garden at all. Regular cleaning can be enough, which includes mowing the grass, raking off leaves and pulling weeds.


Water your plants regularly to prevent brown spots and don’t forget to plant seasonal flowers to make your lawn look bright and colorful.


Let there be Light-

Make your house more welcoming by adding lights near the walkway in front of your home. Replace the old lighting fixtures such as sconces and yellow lights that give a dreary look with porch string lights or solar-powered lanterns.


You can add landscape lighting to your garden that can benefit during outdoor parties. Make your gardens appear more attractive by adding accent lights near the kiosks.


Embrace Symmetry-

Creating symmetrical patterns can improve the focal points that make your home look more put together. Symmetry could be achieved using lights at correct spaces, maybe putting light lamps on either side of your front door.


Make your backyard look more symmetrical by adding furniture at the right place and landscape lighting in such a way that can converge to a wider area.


Change the Paint and Upgrade your Front Door-

If the paint on the walls of your house is too old and dull, it can make the walls look damper with all the cracks. It is a sign that you should get a fresh coat of paint that is water-proof and durable.


An old and fragile door with stains of rust is of no good. Replace it with a new robust door with matching hardware. Change the door knockers and upgrade the house numbers with a font that aligns with the architecture of your home.


Clean Up Your Gutters-

Clogged gutters can cause further problems like water leakages and standing of dirty water around your house. Therefore, clear the debris and drains regularly to make them look new and improve their working otherwise the foul odors and stagnant water can bring in a lot of infectious diseases.