Changing the backyard from basics to bling!

Outdoor lighting can do this thing.


Many of you like to host the party in the yard and even enjoy relaxing there. During the daytime, there won’t be a problem, but at night there can be a lighting issue. It can be solved by installing the right landscape lighting. But remember not following a proper plan for your backyard can make things intimidating. Anyhow, nothing to worry! We are here to help you understand the importance of landscape lighting. We will also be sharing tips for getting outdoor lighting installed in a proper manner.


  1. Include three basic types of lighting –

Ambient, accent, and task are the three basic types of lighting that you should not forget to incorporate. Pathway lights, security lights, and plus deck comes under task lighting. Ambient lighting is the type of lighting that can be achieved by post lights, hanging lights, and wall lights. And for accent lighting spotlights and landscape kits are available. It the patio is small, and you have an average budget then considering string lights or LED candles can be the best option.


  1. Take measurements before choosing fixtures –

Examine your space where you want to install lights and take measurements so that you don’t opt for the large-scale fixtures. You can use a simple piece of paper to observe the size and positioning of the fixture before buying. The paper will act as a template of the wall where lights are to be installed. Thus it will give you an idea of placement. In the case of the back patio and front porch, the size of an outdoor wall light should be nearly one-third the height of the door. Also, while buying, be sure that you are choosing only that lighting which is of high-quality and is made of weather resistant material.


  1. Calculate the lighting required –

Figure out how much lighting you need exactly, before going to market or making an order. To determine how much light space will require, try making the simple calculation by multiplying the square footage of the area that is to be lighted by 1.5. It will give you an approximation of the total wattage required.


  1. Observe the yard from inside your home –

Observing the outdoor from inside of your home can help you a lot in deciding what kind of lighting will work best and where it should be placed. Also, if you are sitting in your living or dining room, it can give a pleasing view of outside at night. Path lighting for garden areas can work and act as an easy and quick style update.


  1. Use LEDs –

LEDs use far less energy than bulbs and halogens. Additionally, you need not change the bulb as they are almost maintenance-free.


  1. Use subtle landscape lighting to impress –

It is obvious that your guests don’t want a bright spotlight to irritate them when they are enjoying their dinner. So go for lighting with a soft glow. Subtle and indirect lighting works best for outdoors, especially the dining areas. The use of outdoor lanterns and ceiling fans adorned with light kits is becoming trendy as it illuminates outside areas.


  1. Consider security –

With the presence of landscape lighting not only your home brightens, but it also provides security. It is necessary that all the corners of the house are lit at night.


Now, as you know the important outdoor lighting tips, it is still necessary to consult a professional. Only a landscape lighting guide can tell if you have planned perfectly for your outdoor area or not.