Nowadays, sprinklers are designed are robust and easy to repair. It is essential that you keep your sprinkler system intact and free of dirt and debris. The in-ground sprinklers are all the easier to maintain and fix. There are a few common sprinkler problems that you might face, which could be fixed with minimum efforts.

  1. Clogged sprinkler head

This is one of the most common issue that you might have to face. It is seen more in underground sprinkler system. Rain and hail storms can cause the mud and dirt to get trapped into the sprinkler head. Sometimes, even the cuttings from your lawn mower can go and get stuck the sprinkler system.

Clogged heads cause the spray to be uneven, interrupted and in some cases even non-existent. Sometimes, the sprinkler would just leak water which surrounds the head. It is very easy to detect and fix it.

Depending on the blockage, there are different ways to clean the sprinkler head. If the blockage is less, you could simply use a paperclip and open it to form a wire, and use it to unblock the holes in the sprinkler head. Otherwise, you would have to thoroughly clean it, by dismantling all its parts, cleaning them separately (soak in soap solution and then brush and rinse them) and reattach all the components correctly.

To avoid such problems, you must try to regularly clean your sprinkler heads, which would ensure greater efficiency.


  1. Broken heads

It is seen that people have to replace the broken head of their sprinkler frequently. Sprinkler heads are designed to pop up from the ground when turned on and to retract when the system is turned off. Often, they are obstructed by mower blades or edging tools while landscaping. Luckily, it is extremely simple to replace the broken head. Simply unscrew the head, using a hex key or a screwdriver, remove it and screw in the replacement. Keep the old head in store for future reference.


  1. Sprinklers are too high

When the sprinkler head is too high above the ground, it leaves it in a vulnerable position. This is the most common reason for broken heads. You can fix this by lowering the heads, deeper into the soil. Cut about a foot square around the head with a shovel and remove the top layer of the soil carefully. Dig around the head. Gently push the head into the ground. Pack mud on all sides of it, without applying excessive pressure. Neatly replace the top soil and you are good to go.

Be careful while lowering the head. Do not push it below the ground level, as it would cause clogged heads.

  1. Stuck valves

When the sprinklers continue to work even after switching off the system, it makes a case for stuck valves. Home sprinklers have two valves, one at each end. Most commonly, debris hinders the valve from closing and stopping the water flow. You must check both the valves for blockage. Unscrew the solenoid and remove the blockage and fix it back.

In case the above tips do not help you fix the problems, must seek advice from professionals, who are trained to solve such matters.