When you own a commercial property, your concern about the landscape design goes beyond the usual landscape design planned for homes. You have to keep the expenses under control and at the same time create long-lasting experiences for your employees and customers visiting.

Commercial landscape development is a high-stake undertaking that either makes or breaks your property. That is why business owners are required to spend ample time to research what kind of landscape would be best to present their brand.

Designing a landscape isn’t hard. All you need is a substantial investment of time and money to fill your garden with lush greenery. And once the project is completed, you are able to offer an opportunity for your employees to relax and a beautiful sight to your customers to feel good.

If your old commercial building has been lacking a curb appeal, it is time to reinvent its surroundings and bring in something new, fresh, and vibrant. Following are a few helpful tips to help you redesign the landscape of your commercial property:

  1. Plan Well

Well-thought planning is essential so as to ensure that every single decision of yours is in alignment with your landscape goals. Whether you choose to perform landscaping yourself or call for professional help, it is always wise to have a detailed and clear-cut plan in hand.

A landscape plan is the same as a floor plan in which a visual representation of the area is presented. It includes all important elements like shrubs, trees, flowers, outdoor furniture, sheds, lighting fixtures, etc. required to give your landscape a complete and attractive look.

  1. Match the Design With Building’s Architecture

Standing out is good, but not becoming an odd one out. So, beware of going overboard. Pick a theme that connects your landscape with the building and overall surroundings to make the premises look proportional, not confusing.

Think about the architecture first when you try to mix and match natural and man-made elements together. Remember, your landscape should be a healing space. It should be simple yet attractive and never dominate the architecture.

  1. Focus on the Entrance

Your building’s entrance is the first thing the customers or clients visiting would see; thus, it should be as inviting as possible. Vivid flowers, bright grasses, landscape lighting in the springtime – are some of the things that are going to draw everyone’s attention.

To provide a more pleasant experience, highlight the entryway and beautify it using decorative bricks or stones. That way, your clients know exactly where to go and create a nice first impression of your business premises.

  1. Install Seating Area for People

Commercial landscapes and people interact in many different ways; so it is vital to design the area with people in mind. Your landscaped environment should be utterly beautiful and appealing in its form and offer a commendable functionality for the precious people of your organization.

Experts recommend placing benches and other seating areas within the landscape – not just as a hangout/resting spot for your employees but also an efficient business area for your valuable clients.

  1. Think Low Maintenance

When choosing plants and other features for your commercial premises, you have to consider the amount of time and commitment you can invest in for the maintenance of the final product. Of course, there is no zero-maintenance plan, but you can derive a low-maintenance plan.

By doing that prior to the installation of your landscape plan, you would save yourself from unforeseen maintenance and unexpected expenses arising as a result of over-pruning, die-back, and winter damage.