4 Great tips for Maintaining your Irrigation System

Installing in-ground irrigation systems in your lawns or gardens keep it lush and green even during the hottest and driest season, and keeps up the liveliness of any home. A properly functioning irrigation system works wonder in saving water and money for the house owners. But, thinking that it would remain in a fantastic condition throughout your lifetime is an impractical mindset. It is rather obvious that just like any other equipment, irrigation systems also age and demand proper maintenance to function smoothly and efficiently.

However, installing and maintaining them is not as easy for the people with little or no knowledge about it. But, you can make it as a less daunting affair by having a read through the below-mentioned tips that will help you in maintaining your irrigation system easily and effectively-

Check for leaking pipelines and valves

One of the major reasons behind a poorly performing irrigation system is the leakage from valves and pipes which can occur due to freezing weather, damage from any sharp tool or because of the normal wear and tear of the pipeline system. Though these leaks can be identified immediately but for reaching out to smaller leaks that are not visible, you may have to put in a little more effort and replace or repair it at the earliest.

Fix broken or missing sprinkler heads

Not having the heads of your sprinkler system in place will interrupt the water from getting distributed properly across the lawn, leading to wet spots and runoff. This will clog the roots of the plants and decrease its ability to take enough oxygen and cause severe damage to the plant health in the long run. So, during your routine inspection, make sure you examine each sprinkler head and adjust their heads in the right direction. Tighten any loose screws and repair or replace the damaged or missing heads as soon as possible.

Know your watering schedule

Being familiar with the type of plants you have in your lawn will allow you to water them properly. Additionally, knowing that every season doesn’t demand the same amount of water for plants is also important. The amount of water obviously differs from spring season to the summer season. Moreover, plants located in different parts of your house would have varying watering needs. So, you have to keep adjusting your system to deliver the water accordingly.

Take professional assistance

Due to hectic work schedules nowadays, people have started opting for expert help. These professionals come to your property, analyze your needs, and give you a free estimate. They cover everything from the start of the installation to the annual service and maintenance of your sprinkler systems to help you in keeping your lawn in perfect condition throughout the year without any hassle or stress.


So, maintaining your system doesn’t have to be tricky always. Just with basic maintenance and with expert help, you can sail through all issues and be able to keep your yard looking great always.