3 Amazing Tips to Perfectly Water your Lawn and Garden

Properly maintained lawns and gardens are an investment in the value of any property. The lush green surrounding not only adds to the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also promotes healthy living. Just by looking at those healthy shrubs and trees, you can make out how well they have been taken care of.

When it comes to raising beautiful plants, there are many factors that help in their growth. One of the most crucial questions that arise in the mind of every garden owner is how much to water the plants? Ironically, while you keep searching for the right answer everywhere, there is actually no single answer to it. Depending upon the weather, the type of soil and the plant itself, the requirement of water varies.

While dealing with plants in your garden, you have to keep in mind that you are dealing with a part of nature and understand every part of it. So, to have a happy and healthy lawn, have a read through the following mentioned tips-

Know the right time to water

It is true that water is an essential element in plants’ growth but it doesn’t mean that you will water them according to your gut feeling. Everything happening in nature leaves signs behind, so does the soil when there is a lack of water. The moment you notice your lawn in a greyish cast or dull green appearance, know that it is in badly need of water. You can also check the moisture by walking on the grass and see if the footprints are disappearing or not. The grass blades lacking moisture won’t give you any imprints. Other than that, fix a proper watering schedule and water your plants accordingly. Typically, morning time is the best for watering your lawn as the winds are calm giving enough time to water to get directly soaked in the soil. For evening, the time period between 4 to 6 p.m. is most ideal.

Determine the quantity of water

As mentioned previously, you would never find common agreement of people on the quantity of water required for plants. However, the experts have recommended watering an established lawn only one inch per week, either from raining or doing it yourself. Many people run water guzzlers and sprinklers for an extended period of time, which instead of promoting healthy growth of the plant, clog its roots and hamper the intake of oxygen. So, make sure you save your lawn from such damage and measure the quantity of water with a rain gauge to see how much water is actually getting used each week.

Learn different methods of watering

With the technology reaching a sky-high level, there has been introduction of different types of irrigation systems now. From the installation of sprinkler systems to other smart watering solutions, you now don’t have to worry about proper distribution of water throughout your lawn. You can choose various methods and equipment depending on the requirements of your lawn. Some of them are – Hose-End Sprinkler, In-Ground Sprinkler, Rotary Nozzle, Irrigation Timer, etc.